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Interlaken, a city located in the county of Interlaken Oberhasli, in Switzerland, is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Bernese region, and occupies a geographical location between the Lake Brienz and Thun in the Bodelli region, and the Aar River crosses the city and connects the two lakes, the city is located at an altitude of up to five hundred and seventy Meters above sea level, its area extends to about 4.3 square kilometers, and an estimated 24.4% of the area is used in agricultural activities.


The city of Interlaken depends mainly on its economy on tourism, as it is considered a tourism center in the form of Bern, and it houses more than sixty hotels to host tourists, and it is one of the most famous and famous hotels of the Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel.

Tourist places

The city of Interlaken embraces landmarks and places of great importance, and is considered a tourist destination and a magnet for tourists, including:

  • Lake Thunersee: The lake derives its name from the city of Thun on the northern shore, and the Swiss Alps range overlooks the lake. The lake is a water park with an area of ​​two thousand five hundred square kilometers, and the lake area extends to forty-eight square kilometers with a length of seventeen and a half One kilometer, and the width extends for three and a half kilometers, and the lake depends on feeding it on the waters of Lake Brienz, which is located on the southeast side.
  • Lake Brienzersee: The village of Brienzersee has given its name to the lake, and the lake has a location to the north of the Alps within the borders of the Canton of Bern in Switzerland, the lake area reaches approximately thirty square kilometers, and the surface of the lake rises above the sea level more than five hundred and four Sixty meters, and a length of fourteen kilometers, three kilometers wide.
  • Harder Kulm: This mountain is one thousand three hundred twenty-two meters high. It joins the Bernese Mountains mountain range, and is located within the highest peak in Switzerland.
  • Green Field Festival.
  • The Spanish Festival.
  • William Tell Monument: The city of Interlaken is a memorial to the Swiss national hero, William Tell. This statue tells the story of Switzerland’s independence and separation from the Austrian Empire.
  • Mystery Park (Jungfrau Park): It is a park located to the south side of the city, called the Mystery Park.
  • Snowy peaks: Snowy peaks are the focus of attention of tourists, as skiing and adventure enthusiasts flock to them. Among these peaks are:
    • Jungfrau Summit.
    • Schilthorn Summit.
    • The summit of Mount Atlas.
    • The Top of Plaitos.

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