The most important tourist places in Istanbul

المسافرون العرب


Istanbul is one of the most important cities in Turkey at all, due to its long history, this city has punished many different and varied civilizations throughout its history. Many people go to this important Turkish city due to the diversity of its attractions, as this city is a cultural heritage with distinction, given that it possesses the aforementioned feature. The city has an estimated population of about 15 million people, and its area is about 1,800 square kilometers. The Turkish city of Istanbul is located in the northwestern part of the region known as the Marmara Region, as this city includes two main parts, divided by the Bosphorus Strait ..

The most important tourist places in Istanbul

As we mentioned earlier, Istanbul embraces many of the main and important landmarks, including the following:

  • Chora Museum:Before this building was a museum, it was one of the most beautiful and most wonderful churches, and this church was transformed in the 16th century AD into a mosque on the orders of the Grand Vizier named Ali Pasha. This mosque was again converted into a museum in the last century in the year 1948 AD.
  • Rumeli Castle Siege:This castle was built on the orders of Mehmed the Conqueror, who is considered one of the most famous Ottoman sultans. This castle is located on the side of the European Bosphorus.
  • Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge: This bridge is known by another name, which is the second Bosphorus Bridge, and it was named after the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The length of this bridge is estimated at about 1510 meters, while its width is estimated at approximately 39 meters.
  • Gray Falcon Channel: This canal is the main source of water for this city. The length of this channel is approximately 920 meters, and this length is the length of the remainder of it.
  • Yildiz Palace: Sultan Abdul Hamid II took this residence as his residence, which is a palace made of many small houses, and it was a haven for the Ottoman sultans to relax in.
  • Aya Sofia: This important building was built and constructed to be a cathedral at first, then it turned into a mosque, and finally in the twentieth century it was converted from a mosque to a museum.

The most important religious monuments in Istanbul

Istanbul is famous for its many mosques, among which are the most important:

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  • Sultan Ahmed mosque: This mosque was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I, and has another name which is the Blue Mosque, and it was named this name because it is decorated with blue tiles.
  • Ortakoy Mosque: Another name for this mosque is the Majidy Mosque, and this name was given to Sultan Abdul Majid the First, and it was built between 1854 and 1856 AD.

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