The most important tourist places in Malaysia

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The country of Malaysia and its capital, Kuala Lumpur, is located in the southern part of the Asian continent and near the equator. It occupies the sixty-sixth place around the world in terms of area, with an area of ​​about 329,845 square kilometers. Malaysia is divided into two parts: East Malaysia and the Malaysian peninsula, which are separated by the Chinese Sea South, and the strategic location of Malaysia is the reason for its economic development, due to its location near the water straits, specifically the Strait of Malacca, where the link was between many countries that were leaving their commercial convoys, and for this reason the civilization has multiplied Countries that tried to capture it, and it was British colonialism is the most recent, but Malaysia has been able to obtain independence in 1963.

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The location of Malaysia near the equator has earned it a tropical climate and natural diversity, as it is characterized by the beauty of its green lands, which are full of trees and plants, in addition to its coasts overlooking the Pacific Ocean, which made it one of the most attractive countries for tourists, and today in this article we will show you the most important tourist places in Malaysia.

Tourism in Malaysia

There was a lot of interest on the part of the Malaysian government to encourage the tourism sector in the country, and that is why it promoted it by publishing tourist advertisements and flyers through websites, and it has become a destination for many tourists, not only because of its beauty, but because of its reasonable prices compared to European countries, this Apart from the offers and discounts it offers, especially for newlyweds who wish to spend their honeymoon.

This is in addition to Malaysia’s significant development in the field of education, which made it a region where tourists flock in order to learn and acquire culture, and the people of Arab countries are the most visited to Malaysia, where millions of them come annually to spend holidays there, which allowed the opportunity for Arab companies to establish branches for them In Malaysia to facilitate the travel and tourism process.

The most important tourist places in Malaysia

  • The Twin Tower (Petronas): which is considered one of the highest skyscrapers in the world, and is located in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, which is two towers that connect them to a bridge, with a height of 452 meters, and each of them consists of 88 floors, but with regard to tourists, they can only Reaching the 40th floor, that is, at the area of ​​the bridge between the two towers, and they can only stay there for five minutes for filming, due to the great tourist pressure on this building, and it is worth noting that the period of the visit is in two periods; the morning period at eight thirty, Asr at two thirty.
  • Batu Caves: which are located in the northern part of the capital, which is three caves that were a temple to the Indians in the ancient, there are large cathedral and it is the largest of the caves, in addition to two caves that contain Hindu shrines and paintings found in the Museum of Art, where it is about 100 years old General, it is distinguished by its statues and idols, and it is one of the most important temples of Hindu religion, which they mean for worship and prayer, especially in the Thaiposam Festival, and access to the caves after the rise of a long stairway.
  • Game City (Wonderland): It is a game city, and includes a shopping mall and playground.
  • The Zoo: It is one of the largest parks in Malaysia, and it requires viewing all the animals in it for about two hours.
  • Birds and Butterflies Garden: They are separate garden but close to each other, and it includes many types of butterflies, birds and insects.
  • Various museums: There are historical and archeological museums that show the history of civilizations that passed on the territory of Malaysia, in addition to military museums.

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