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Nymphenburg Palace

Munich has many palaces, and the Nymphenburg Palace is the most famous. It is a royal palace that includes a number of museums and beautiful gardens. It is distinguished by its unique mixture of architecture and garden design, and is one of the best examples of Europe to collect art, and people can walk around this palace, so that the room where King Ludwig II, the King of Bavaria is born, is seen in the world-famous beauty exhibition.

German Museum

The German Museum is the largest museum of science and technology in the world, with about 100,000 artifacts, covering 50 fields of science and technology, was established in 1903, and there are several branches of it, where the main branch of the German Museum is located in the Museum Island on the Essar River, and there are two branches Others in Munich show aircraft and the Museum (Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum), which displays transportation technologies, and there is a branch in Bonn, which displays technological, scientific and research exhibitions.

English Garden

(English: English Garden)The English Garden, or the English Park, is considered the first public park in Europe, a central location, and one of the largest urban parks in the world, with an area of ​​about 3.64217 square kilometers. It was created in 1789 by the English Sir Benjamin Thompson, and is found in the park Stunning landscapes, lakes and ponds.

Girl’s garden

Also called the Old Botanical Garden (English: Botanischer Garten), which was opened in 1809, it is considered one of the largest parks of the largest gardens in the world, and covers an area of ​​about 212055.3 square meters, and contains 14 thousand plants, has been used by students To conduct research, educate the public, and to preserve the rare types of girls and bees, the gardens contain many areas including the nursery, the alpine garden, and the regular garden, and there are paths throughout the gardens, as well as ponds and pools where the visitor can see fish and small creatures.

Sausage Museum video

Did you know that Germany contains sausage museums !? This is not what we will hear most about it .. so watch the video to know more about it:

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