The most important tourist places in Penang

المسافرون العرب


Penang is one of the states in Malaysia, located on the northwest coast of the peninsula of Malacca through the Strait of Malacca, bordered to the north and east by Kedah State, and from the south by Perak, and is considered one of the most economically important states in Malaysia, and is characterized by the presence of diversity among the residents who inhabit it from Where race, culture, language and religion possess great tourist value, due to the presence of many tourist attractions in them.

Tourist places in Penang

The city of George

It is one of the cities of picturesque beauty, and the number of tourists increases day after day to Penang, this city overlooks the famous Cheung Fat Tzi Palace, the Kapitan Mosque, and the Buddhist Temple, and contains many museums that know among them the treasures of the country with ancient history, and there are many Restaurants that are interested in serving folk and classic cuisine in Malaysia, as well as shopping malls there.

Penang Island

It is located on the west coast of the peninsula of Malaysia, and it was named Prince of Wales when it was occupied by the British East India Company on August 12 of 1786, in honor of the birthday of the Prince of Wales, who was punched with King George III in relation to the age of George,

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Penang Island

This island is located in the South China Sea, and is part of the Johor Marine Park, which consists of a group of islands: Pulau Or, Pulau Dayang, Pulau Lang, and Pulau Penang itself.

Batu Ferringhi

It is the beach area of ​​Malaysia that is laden with landscapes as tropical fruit trees, and contains many large hotels such as Hard Rock Hotel Penang, Hotel and Hydro Hotel, Bayview Beach Resort, Golden Sands Resort, Grand Plaza Park Royal Penang, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang, Resort and Spa, and many more Restaurants, rental services, modern transportation and ticket shops. In 2004 the Indian Ocean struck the Indian Ocean without any human damage.

Baybas statement

It is considered the industrial areas of many multinational companies, and contains Penang International Airport, and there are many tourist areas such as the Temple of Snake, the Military Museum, fish tanks, and many residential units.

Tanjung Bungah Valley

It is located in the northern part of Penang Island, and it is one of the suburbs that leads to Batu Ferringhi and therefore considered a center of tourist attraction, and there are many hotels with low price, and it contains the floating mosque that was built in 2005, and its construction cost 15 million Malaysian ringgit approximately 3 million Jordanian dinars. This region is surrounded by hills from the west, south, east, and sea from the north. The eastern hill is known for its mountain Erskine, which reaches a height of 194 meters. The southern hill is known as Bukit Bandera.

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Phuket Martigam

It is considered one of the economic centers in the northern region, and it is considered one of the ancient regions. It contains a tablet with inscriptions written in Sanskrit in about 1500 years ago. This tablet is displayed in the courtyard of St. Anne’s Church.

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