The most important tourist places in Salzburg

المسافرون العرب


It is the capital of the federal state of Salzburg, an Austrian city, located near the Alpine chain, and it has a historical center, as it combines art and architecture, where it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996 AD, and it was built in the church of St. Peter in 700 AD And (Neunberg Abbey), and the city contains an exhibition of European drawings, and a large baroque fountain, as there is a clock tower that was imported from Belgium, and most of the buildings date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries AD.
Salzburg is well known for its gold, copper, and iron mines, as well as it has a charming and beautiful nature due to its proximity to the Alps and so springs are abundant in it, as well as making clothes, textiles, leather and wood products. It is an industrial and commercial center, located near the banks of the Salzach River, and bounded on the left and right sides by two hills, and at the southern end of the city is the castle (Hohensalzburg), which dates back to the eleventh century, and the city is considered an architectural gem, as there is A memorial to the doctor and chemist (Paracelsus), the birthplace of the musician and composer Mozart, part of the house in which he was born has been made as a museum.

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The most important tourist places in Salzburg

Among the most important tourist places in Salzburg, which are recommended to visit:

  • old City: Altstadt Salzburg is a busy pedestrian area, with many old commercial houses, and while wandering, you can enjoy seeing the clothing shops, and cafes and workshops. There is also the old market, which includes the tight pharmacy, which dates back to the thirteenth century, and the fountain is in the middle of the square, which dates back to the seventeenth century.
  • Hohen Salzburg Castle: It was started in 1077AD and completed in 1681AD, and this castle can be reached by taking a twenty-minute stroll from the old city, as the railway can be used as a means of transportation to reach it, and the castle contains many Arched defensive gates, in which there is the courtyard and the Church of St. George, and the luxurious apartments inside are built in a Gothic architectural style, and contain golden rooms, marble entrances and the golden hall. It is located above the old town, and it is one of the most watched and famous places, and within the castle walls there are many luxurious apartments plated with gold, overlooking the countryside and the old city.
  • Saint Peter Monastery: St. Peter’s Abbey, which was established to be the seat of the bishops, and the way in which construction is based on architectural skills at that time, especially with the presence of the tower inside and which is considered the first of its kind in Europe, in addition to the presence of the fountain and Hayden memorial, who is the brother of the composer The famous (Joseph Hayden).
  • The Salzburg Cathedral: It is a prominent building in which the Twin Towers are located, and the cathedral is famous for its construction as it is of an italyn character in addition to its role as the site of Mozart’s baptism, and it contains four huge marble statues, and its three doors represent the symbols of faith, love, and hope.
  • Saint Peter Church: It is the oldest, most beautiful and attractive church in Salzburg, and it was decorated in the style of Rococo, and in 1783 AD the turret tower was added to it. It contains many monuments such as the tomb of Saint (Robert), in addition to the monuments dedicated to the sister of musician Mozart, which is called Marianne (English: Marianne).
  • Residences Square: It is a square in the heart of the city and is considered one of the best places to start discovering the tourist areas in Salzburg, and it contains the largest baroque and marble fountain in the Alps, in addition to many cafes and shops.
  • Heilbronn Palace: It was built with a commission commissioned by the Archbishop of Salzburg with the intention of relaxing and relaxing and not for the purpose of residency, and a tour in it gives a look at the lives of rulers and the wealthy, and contains many deceptive fountains such as chairs and statues that may suddenly turn into fountains that sprinkle water on In addition to the flower gardens, guests also have a popular museum, and flower gardens are used as a market for Christmas.
  • Mirabell Palace and Gardens: (In English: Schloss Mirabell & Mirabell Gardens) It contains a lot of landscapes, terraces and marble fountains, in which the movie (The Sound of Music) was filmed, and there are prominent landmarks in the grand staircase, in addition to many statues, and there is also a hall called ( Marbel Hall) used for concerts, as well as a museum.
  • Franciscan Church: Franciscan Church is located to the north of the Church of Peter, and the most prominent features include the high ceiling and the tower on the south side of it, and from the inside there is an episode of the Baroque chapels and the family altar.
  • Mozart House: Mozart’s Birthplace is the house in which Mozart was born, and the rooms in this house have been converted into a museum where many souvenirs are displayed, such as violins, original photographs, and many Mozart compositions.
  • Salzburg Marionette Theater: (In English: Salzburg’s Festival Theater) in which music festivals are held in the summer, and lasts for a period of five weeks, showing the best European music and drama.

Tourist attractions in Salzburg

There are many factors that attract visitors to Salzburg, and these include:

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  • Music, as Salzburg is one of the most inspiring cities in Austria, and has been ranked 7th among the most inspiring cities in the world. One of the most important features that made it one of the most attractive cities for tourists is the presence of a musical history in it, as it is the birthplace of the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the eighteenth century, as there is the Mozart College of Musicians, as it was the most appropriate city to film (The sound of music), and it is possible Enjoy music at all times because it performs around 4,200 concerts in one year.
  • The presence of architecture known as Baroque, especially in the old city.
  • The presence of the castle, which is considered a distinguished landmark in the city of Salzburg, and is 900 years old, and it is located on the mountain (Monchsberg), and through it you can see many of the city’s towers, in addition to the River (Salzach) and the mountains, and also contains the golden hall where Mozart concerts were held And what distinguishes it is the gold-encrusted roof that appears as a starry sky.
  • The presence of the cathedral in the Dome district, which is a masterpiece of Baroque art, which the Archbishop commissioned italyn architects to build in 1587 AD.
  • The presence of the International Summer Academy of Salzburg, Fine Art, and its establishment is due to the artist (Oscar Kokushka) in 1953, and is located in the castle of Hohen Salzburg, which is attended by approximately 300 participants from more than 50 countries, and offers courses that focus on art production, coordination, and writing About art.
  • The Salzburg Festival, which is held every summer and offers many musical art and drama, was founded in the year 1920 AD, and its duration is five weeks.

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