The most important tourist places in Sri Lanka

المسافرون العرب

Tea plantation

Sri Lanka ranks fourth in the list of countries that produce most tea. It includes many tea plantations and factories dedicated to its production, given that the coffee sector in Sri Lanka dominated the production of coffee, after coffee plantations were damaged in the mid-nineteenth century. Hence, Sri Lanka is an important destination for tourists, visitors wishing to see tea plantations closely, and how to produce and manufacture it.

Abhajiri Dagoba Temple

The Abhayagiri Dagoba Temple is considered one of the most prominent historical monuments in Sri Lanka, where its height when it was discovered is about 100 meters, and it is considered one of the greatest buildings of the ancient world, and it converges in size with the pyramids of Giza, but its height today is about 75 meters, after he had undergone many restorations and repairs.

Sigiriya Castle

Sigiriya Castle (English: Sigiriya) is a historic rocky castle dating back to the period 477-495 AD, when it was at the hands of King Kashiba, and this castle resides on a huge, high rock, and due to the splendor that the castle site occupies, it has been included to be within List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It should be noted that the castle is adorned with murals that are very beautiful, and at the entrance there is a giant statue of the feet of a lion, in addition to that the castle is surrounded by several water parks with a wonderful design.

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Gal Vihari Temple

The Gal Vihara Temple is considered a historical monument, represented by a group of Buddhist statues carved into a long slab of granite rocks, knowing that the relevant authorities later separated these statues, so that each of them became separately.


Sri Lanka includes many wonderful beaches, which are considered an important center for attracting visitors and tourists, and the following are mentioned for the most important beaches:

  • Unawatuna Beach (English: Unawatuna): It is a vital beach located on the south coast, within walking distance of the city of Galle. This beach is considered a suitable place for practicing activities and water sports.
  • Mirissa Beach (English: Mirissa): It is located to the south of Unawatuna Beach and is an ideal destination for those looking to relax, live quietly, and admire the wonderful views of whales.
  • Navalady Beach (English: Navalady): It is an abandoned, quiet beach.
  • Arugam Bay: It is located off the city of Colombo on the east coast of the country and is considered a suitable destination for fans of surfing.
  • Kalkudah Beach (English: Kalkudah): It is an abandoned, quiet beach.

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