Trabzon is one of the cities that are classified among the best and most beautiful Turkish cities that many tourists are interested in visiting to enjoy its beautiful natural scenery, it is one of the largest cities located in the Black Sea region in the northeast of the state of Turkey, and Trabzon is considered one of the most important distinctive tourist places that have great importance It is very important for thousands of tourists from all over the world, where everyone comes to spend the best times and witness the most wonderful historical sights ever. It is the city of Trabzon, that distinctive Turkish city, which is one of the most beautiful tourist cities, as it fascinates hearts and relaxes the soul S. with its beautiful beauty and rare nature, so today we will take you on a new trip to the Turkish city of Trabzon, in which we will get to know the most beautiful sights and places you can visit and enjoy its beauty and magnificence.

Uzungöl Uzungol Lake

If you are a fan of charming natural places and love to see fish swimming in the clear clear waters, we advise you to visit the famous Uzungol Lake which is located in the village of Uzungol, that village that disappears between high-rise mountains and attracts tourists from around the world, and the distance between Uzungol Lake and Trabzon is about Ninety nine meters, and a lot of transportation is available for this purpose, due to the high tourist demand for this beautiful lake. This lake is surrounded by mountain heights, fog and thick forests, and the most important characteristic of this lake is the delicious salmon, which is considered one of the best and most delicious that Fish sector there.

Cal Mağarası Cave

Chal Cave is one of the most beautiful caves located in the village of Chal located in the southwestern region, it is one of the most beautiful caves in Trabzon because of its unique natural scenery and a group of natural phenomena that contributed to the formation and sculpting of the cave until it has a distinctive and attractive shape, and is found in the cave On many wide internal corridors, which makes it the second largest cave in the world, and the percentage of water in the cave varies according to the seasons of the year, it will definitely be a wonderful experience and a special trip when you visit this cave, which is one of the most wonderful natural phenomena.

The Sumela region of Sumela

This region is suitable for all lovers of charming nature, where you can spend a wonderful time in it with family and friends besides being distinguished by the presence of a large archaeological castle containing historical holdings dating back thousands of years, it is a beautiful region with its parks, trees and amazing natural waterfalls, you can go to it at any time To enjoy relaxation and relaxation, it is not a remote and expensive area, only you can go to it by car and enjoy hiking, as it contains a large number of distinctive restaurants that offer delicious and delicious meals from around the world, certainly you will not regret when you decide Go to the district of Samuila.

Trabzon’s bazaar

This place is suitable for all shopping enthusiasts and lovers of buying beautiful souvenirs for family and friends, when you visit the bazaar in Trabzon you can enjoy an individual shopping experience of its kind with the purchase of all your needs at very reasonable prices that are not incompatible anywhere else, the bazaar contains many and many shops Like clothing stores, jewelry stores, restaurants, and other stores that are considered one of the most important factors attracting tourists to visit the bazaar with its unparalleled products. If you love shopping, you will not regret choosing the bazaar as a tourist place for shopping and entertainment.

Atatürk Köşkü Palace

Among the oldest and most unusual palaces in Trabzon, this palace was designed to be a distinctive and strange palace that differs from all other palaces, and the palace was actually designed and built in a strange appearance of its kind, along with the design of many gardens and parks near the palace in a strange way as well It was not previously designed, and Ataturk Palace is located in an area called Sugusu, and this palace was created with a lot of historical and archeological pieces placed in it so tourists are interested in visiting this palace and taking memorial photos of it, and the construction of this palace dates back to the nineteenth century, it is one of the oldest The palaces of Trabzon are not limited The city of Trabzon is only for these tourist places, but we wanted our tour to be a quick tour in which we get to know the most beautiful places in the beautiful city of Trabzon, and among the most important other tourist places that are located in this city is the Jomo Shani region, which is a famous region, which is characterized by its traditions and inherited customs. From two successive civilizations, as it is called the country of silver due to the discovery in it of silver stored in the underground throughout the ages, if you love history and studying civilizations and wonderful tourist areas we recommend you to visit the Jomo Shani area. And there are many other places to include Trabzon Hotel Y is very popular with tourists and is considered one of the best hotels in the city of Trabzon, as well as the Sultan Murad Mountains, which resemble a story from the stories of a thousand and one nights or a magical place that exists only in imagination, as well as the resort of Haider Nabi, where it is considered a repository of scenic landscapes gathered in one place , Sumela Monastery and Serra Gul Lake that contain the most beautiful views and the best restaurants and cafes.

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