The most popular places in Hurghada

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A guide to places to find in Hurghada is recommended to visit, Hurghada is one of the most beautiful Egyptian tourist cities, it is a wonderful city that can attract tourists from all over the world, and supports tourism at the local level as well, we will learn about this for an article from Arab travelers on places to make in Hurghada, and more Distinguish these areas, and the activities, tourism, and entertainment.

The best places to leave in Hurghada

There are many places to find in Hurghada, due to its wonderful and attractive tourism nature, as it is the first tourism destination in Egypt, and one of the most important tourist areas in the world, and the Arab world.

The most important resorts in Hurghada

El Gouna Resorts

El Gouna is characterized by many international diving places, and many water clubs.
It is also distinguished by the splendid architectural designs that make it a masterpiece overlooking the Red Sea, as Hurghada is characterized by the presence of many bridges that spread among all real estate, chalets, hotels, and buildings, to facilitate the movement around.
It also features the clarity of the surrounding waters from the Red Sea, excellent hotel services, and stunning scenic views there.

Sahl Hasheesh Resort

Sahl Hasheesh is one of the most famous resorts that exist in Hurghada at the local level, as it is one of the finest resorts overlooking the Red Sea.
Sahl Hasheesh resorts are about 25 km from Hurghada towards the south.
Sahl Hasheesh resorts feature many hotels, sporting places, entertainment, and skin care, such as spa, sauna, jacuzzi, massages, different spa areas for skin care, hair, and many shopping centers, cinemas, and theaters.
Sahl Hasheesh is called the city of the wealthy because it contains integrated recreational areas, it is a first-class entertainment city.
There are also more than 14 hotels, and a tourist village, and it contains many golf courses for golfers, and there is a Pharaonic village under the water for scuba divers; it is one of the most beautiful areas for going out, and surfing in Hurghada.

Makadi Bay “Makadi Bay”

Makadi Bay is about 30 km from Hurghada, and it is characterized by its picturesque romantic character, due to its location on a picturesque natural water bay. A walkway along the Gulf was established, and this touristic path enables tourists to enjoy the scenery of stunning water, the purity of water, and its clear blue.
Makadi Bay is a prime destination for newlyweds for their honeymooning holiday, because of its romantic ambiance and beautiful landscapes.
This bay is considered one of the integrated tourism cities because of its integrated tourism activities, and it is also a distinct destination for tourists who are interested in landscapes.

Soma Bay Resorts

It is a peninsula that overlooks the Red Sea from most of its sides, and is characterized by its warm sun and a calm atmosphere that stimulates relaxation and comfort, which gives calm to the soul.

The most important islands in Hurghada

There are many islands belonging to the city of Hurghada, including:

Giftun Island

It is also called the Giftun Reserve, because of its unique natural scenery, and its rare types of plants, animals, and birds. It also contains the largest percentage of seagulls gathering in the world, as well as the purity of the water in it and the clarity of the atmosphere there, it is a major destination for tourists from all over the world.

Carlos Island

Carlos Island is characterized by the existence of the most beautiful views of coral reefs as it is a distinctive destination for scuba divers around the world. It also contains rare types of fish, such as hammerhead sharks, giant mirrors, and tuna.
It is characterized by pure nature, calm atmosphere, and enjoyment.

Magawish Island

Magawish Island is called “the Red Sea paradise”, due to its various tourist activities, such as surfing, diving and horse riding.
There is also a private beach for lovers of quiet waves.

Abu Minqar Island

One of the most important medical tourism destinations in the Red Sea, because it contains organic sands that help in treating many diseases.
It is a small island with an area of ​​2 km.

Fanadir Island

One of the most beautiful diving places in the world, which includes various types of diving, and there are places for diving protected by an arc of coral reefs, and is characterized by its wonderful natural scenery that attracts tourists to it.


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