The most popular shopping guide in Zurich. What is the largest mall in Zurich? And what is the Bahnhof Market? Are there other cheap markets in Zurich? Learn all about shopping tourism in the city and the most important places to buy different costumes and needs at excellent prices. More details for Arab travelers.

The most famous places to shop in Zurich:

Zurich is one of the economically thriving cities and it is the reason for the splendor of the shopping experience in the city, especially on Bahnhof Street. Malls are not limited to clothes or shoes but rather everything you dream of restaurants and a delightful nightlife, in addition to the beauty of nature in Zurich and the appropriate atmosphere for shopping

The largest mall in Zurich:

Zurich shopping tourism is not like any other city, and here are the biggest malls in the city where you can buy everything from one place.

Globus Mall:

It is one of the largest malls in Zurich, it consists of six floors and you can buy all your dreams in this mall. In addition to the unique shopping experience, amid elegant Swiss clothing, wonderful watches and delicious chocolate, you can end your tour by passing through the upper floor, where you will find a restaurant that offers the best dishes of all time, whether from delicious Swiss food, international dishes or even many Arab varieties.

Gilmole Mall:

It is one of the largest and most famous malls of Zurich ever, and the mall has many elegant shops for young children, women and men. In addition to clothing and footwear shops, there are many shops specializing in premium perfumes, brands of cosmetics, accessories and bags. You can also dine with your family in the wonderful restaurants in Gilmole or buy irresistible chocolate.

Cup City Mall:

It is one of the most authentic malls in Zurich and Switzerland alike, and it is located in the same building as the Museum of Modern Art. In the mall there are many shops that display international fashion, and at the same time a lot of consumer goods, and at the top of the Coop City Mall there is a restaurant that has a unique view of dining differently with your family and friends.

Manor Mall:

One of the most important malls in the area is the Manor Mall, on the famous Bahnhof Street.
You can buy the best stylish international brands from clothing for adults and children, in addition to precious jewelry and diamonds, accessories and aromatic scents, and sports and leather shoes, and even buy various electronic devices and tools for women’s beauty.
At Manor Mall you can also buy various tools, home accessories and different commodities. You will find things you never dreamed of finding so easily, and at the same time there is a restaurant on the top floor of the mall for a delicious meal after a long day of shopping.


It is one of the popular shopping places in the city of Zurich, as most of the audience is local residents, and it has a very large area of ​​more than 40 thousand meters.
In the mall you will find more than one hundred shops where you will find many international shops that have their name, the most important of which is Apple and visited.
The mall opens every day from 9 in the morning, and closes at 8 in the evening except for Sunday, working until nine o’clock.

Airside center

Did you know that the shopping experience in Zurich starts from the airport ?! Well what is strange and surprising at the same time that Zurich airport has more than sixty shops all of them receive only travelers. This makes the airport shopping experience comfortable and away from the crowds and stampede that can happen in mega malls.
All products displayed at the airport are made with great care, even expensive Swiss watches, souvenirs that express the beauty of Switzerland and its strong economy, all the way to the international fashion and Swiss chocolate that have its own taste, all this and more at excellent prices suitable for everyone.
You can visit the airside center mall located in the airport, which is also called the free market on any day, as it opens its doors for travelers starting from 6 in the morning, until ten in the evening. Passing through will not lose you any effort or time even if you do not intend to buy something.

Zurich cheap markets:

fashion fish

  • It is one of the very cheap Zurich markets, and at the same time you will find the best international brands at prices close to the factory prices.
  • In Fashion Fish there are about 30 shops and there are a large number of clothes and fashions that have their name and which exceed 100 different brands between local and international.
  • You can buy leather shoes, leather watches, and dazzling bags. Various goods, elegant accessories and makeup are available on the market. You will find everything you want to buy at very low prices, so it is advised to visit it before going through the rest of the shopping centers in Zurich to save more money and ensure that it is spent correctly, because the goods in this market decrease their prices significantly when compared to the rest of the markets and the huge malls.

Bahnhof Zurich Street:

  • It is one of the most important shopping places in the city and the most lively and most famous of all, not only in Switzerland but in all parts of Europe, and it contains a large number of shops with well-known brands as some people mean Zurich specifically for the passage of this place, which is from a destination Independent shopping tourism.
  • On Bahnhof Street there are clothing stores, shoes and shops offering local goods and very elegant boutiques offering quality products at affordable prices. Whether what you are looking for is fashion, fur, cosmetics, accessories, precious jewelry, or economic banks, you will find all that you have in this lively street of Zurich.
  • Do not miss the traffic at the Cup City store, which is one of the oldest shops in the region and dates back more than a hundred years. On the street you will also find the Modern Art Building and you can buy basic consumer goods at affordable prices or choose souvenirs or tools that you will need during your travel.
  • On Bahnhof Street, you will find a store called Globus, which is one of the most beautiful modern classic stores, and it is a very huge storey of six floors with everything you want from Swiss watches, elegant leather shoes, women’s accessories, travel bags, and clothes of the latest international fashion. You will never regret visiting you.

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