Atlantic City is one of the best tourist resorts in New York, was established in 1850 and includes a long sandy beach, along with a number of entertainment and leisure destinations. It is called Las Vegas East, and it includes many theaters that hold different shows around the clock, such as matches. Boxing and musical performances. This is beside museums and restaurants. Here is a detailed tour of its top attractions.

The most popular tourist place in Atlantic City

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk is one of the most famous tourist places in Atlantic City and is considered the main landmark of it, founded in 1870 and extends to four miles in length. It is a long wooden walkway, easy to fully discover on foot, or by hiking by bicycle from six in the evening, until ten o'clock, many activities can be done in it such as; sitting in front of the beach and enjoying the breezes of the sea with a charming sunset view beside the shopping, or enjoying a delicious meal With your loved ones at one of the restaurants of The Boardwalk that fills the place. He is similar to his Hollywood counterpart, The Walk of Fame.The BoardwalkRead also: The best Outlet markets in New Jersey

The Steel Pier

A pier that was established in 1898 and was the most visited place in America. It includes a fun and fun game area that allows you to spend quality time with your family. It includes more than twenty-five games, some of which are specially designed for the place. The Steel Bear is located in The Boardwalk, and is a place worth visiting in particular, if you travel with your family, to enjoy fun and play with your children. The Steel Bear also includes a number of shopping centers, most notably, Bear shops in Kizaras that contain a musical fountain dancing.The Steel Pier

Absecon Lighthouse Lighthouse

The Absecon Lighthouse beacon includes the original Franciel lens, which was designed for the first time. Built in 1857 and lengthening to one hundred and seventy-one feet. The tallest and most famous New Jersey building, the third longest lighthouse in America. Made of granite, brick, and iron, and is painted in black and blue colors. To celebrate the 300th anniversary of New Jersey.Absecon LighthouseRead also: The most popular tourist attraction in Manhattan New York

Family- Friendly Ocean City

It is eleven miles south of Atlantic City, a favorite destination for those who travel with their children, as it is considered one of the best beaches of Atlantic. It is also completely alcohol-free, it was established in 1879 by order of church ministers. It also includes shops and restaurants that fill its parts. It also includes a number of parks and theaters beside the Ocean City Historical Museum, which displays the history of the city through pieces of furniture, original clothing, handicrafts, pictures and postcards.Family- Friendly Ocean City

Luce The Margate

A tourist attraction in Atlantic City is a symbol of the city's coast. Built on the coast of a small city in Atlantic City called Margate in 1881 to stimulate the commercial movement of the city, it attracts the attention of locals and tourists in the summer. Sixty five feet. One of the historic landmarks of Atlantic City. You can climb stairs to reach the Hodge, so that you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view, along with some of the tours that take place. with it.Luce The Margate

Boardwalk Hall

One of the most famous places in the Atlantic City that should not be missed is a concrete building, founded in 1929 and famous for hosting the Miss America finals. It also holds a number of shows and concerts periodically. The Boardwalk Hall contains a number of large-scale musical instruments, And rare. Including a large oboe; it includes thirty-three thousand keys to play, along with a key to stop, and eight rooms to sound out.Boardwalk Hall

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