A guide to the most beautiful places in Penang Island requires you to get to know this city so that you can enjoy its magnificent views, it is considered one of the Malaysian islands, and a destination or a destination for tourism in the Asian continent, but sometimes it is always visited by the world.
And the beginnings of the emergence or discovery of this Piangian island was for Francis Light, when he made it a commercial center linked to the Middle East, which was in the year 1786 AD, but it witnessed a transformative change in its last times, which made it an advanced city on the economic financial level and characterized by the energetic vitality of the economic movements.
Especially with entering centers like the world famous Kinspy Mall there in the heart of the island, with its resort parks, entertainment games and many different cultures.

When does the visit fit Penang Island?

  • The time period that varies between the eleventh month of the month representing November to the first of the following year, i.e., the following January is a period of good weather and weather in Penang, and you must use it and design your plan to visit and enjoy the most important tourist places on Penang Island, especially its diversity and delightful tourist multiplicity, as well as the city They are filled with celebrations of the first New Year and have wonderful local rituals with these festivals that night, you can have a nice view.
  • And if you are one of those people interested in individual tourism, away from the tourist gatherings or its busy seasons, then you have from February to the end of April, where the hustle and bustle is considered a period for fans of adventure, adventure and travel enthusiasts.
  • You can make your vacation there for at least ten days or according to your vision and plans, but know that its attractions, tourist attractions and activities related to it are worthwhile and not boring, and may even make you not plan tourism to another place this year.
  • But nevertheless, Penang is going through cold winter periods with heavy rain from the fifth month until the tenth century A.D. from May to October, which will spoil any enjoyment of its divine features, its industrial delights, and the compatibility between them due to dirt and rain.

Best attractions in Penang Island:

Georgetown Cultural City:

  • A cultural and cultural city with an Asian heritage and a scholarly influence on British civilization, while also being influenced by Islamic arts. Another important area is Kujongzi House, which is a Chinese architectural style house with varying reliefs on the mayor on which this place is fixed.
  • Also there are religious areas, as Muslims find Kapitankeling Mosque, and temples will find Sri Mariman, Watt Chaya Mangkalaram Buddhist as well as Cheungfat Palace, Korn Fort and Wallis.

Island plateau:

  • The Piang Plateau rises from the ground about a thousand meters only a hundred and sixty meters only, and therefore finds the temperature of the plateau low in summer, which is an example of the remnants of the British occuAl Bahahn of the island, as it was the subject of control and control of its height for all entrances and exits of the graphic cities.
  • When you want to visit this plateau, you should ride a train crossing the mountains, and you will find it an exciting experience for surprise and tourism as well, and often trips from six and a half in the morning to nine and thirty at a rate of three hours, but a train moves every 30 minutes at a rate of 6 trains, and the price of his ride is 250 ringgit in their local currency.

Monkey Coast and Bayan District:

  • The Monkey Coast is a gathering area for monkeys, and it is considered a home for them, and it is a coast that also includes the Baitang National Park. , With many cups, i.e. several water parks.
  • You can also take a free trip to the Waterfalls Botanical Garden, which combines the presence of types of waterfalls to the forest tree and animal forest with scarcity, and you can visit the temple of Cycloxi prepared as a large temple from the southern region in East Asia, and from the early 1891 AD.

Amusement parks or games:

The parks dedicated to play are not the most on the island, as they attract the most amateur people and tourists to these games, some of which are only for young people, some of which are exciting teasers for adults, then adventure is an element that is considerate in its designs, and therefore if it is not strong enough to fight it, it will retreat, and the examples include the laser war, the center of the escape room The sixteenth century, which requires solutions to questions and riddles to open the room for you.

Inverted House Museum:

It is a normal place, but its furniture and decorations are fixed upside down, showing you things as if you were standing upside down, and memorial photos can make you feel strange.

The Fruit Park is a tourist attraction on Penang Island:

  • Or it is called Tropical Fruit Farm, and its place is close to Batu Frangie, northwest of Penang Island, Malaysia, and the area of ​​planted fruits, plants and tropical trees within it is within 25 hectares, and it is accompanied by a guide or guide inside the garden.
  • Its climate is cold, but it may be refreshing for you, and the flavor of its fruit is rich in vitamin and sweet taste, and it varies between 250 tropical types of fruits, and you can enjoy the pictures with memorial pictures after completing visiting the tourist places on Penang Island.
  • The park has official times and entry costs. As for the permitted times for visiting, it is from nine in the morning until five in the evening.
  • Prices differ from adults to children, adults pay them 28 ringgit locally, and 20 for children.

Spice and butterflies gardens and others:

The butterfly garden is attributed to the gathering of the different butterflies that are there, and its location is close to Teluk Pahang, and it is huge in size and the variety of insects and butterflies has a huge. As well as a garden spice characteristic of the largest number of them.

The Interactive Museum of Made in Piang:

A museum with an interactive 3D feature or 3D, an important and delightful landmark on the island, and a tourist attraction on Penang Island that you can imagine alongside its innovative works or enjoy watching these arts.



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