The most prominent landmarks of Fujairah

المسافرون العرب

A better guide and the most prominent landmarks of Fujairah, Fujairah is one of the most important emirates that exist in the United Arab Emirates, as it has a lot of Emirati heritage, in terms of architecture and culture, and nature there reflects the spirit of the state, because it is a mountainous nature that characterizes the UAE, overlooking On the Arabian Gulf from the east. Arab travelers know the most important tourist attractions in Fujairah.

The most prominent landmarks of Fujairah

Fujairah Fort

Fujairah Castle is the castle that was used in the past to defend the people of Fujairah from its enemies, which they built in the year 1670 AD, in order to protect the city from the invaders, and to protect the houses of the ruling family, which is an ancient and ancient castle, which was built on a hill where it overlooks the views of historical gardens And there are many round towers, and they also built a fortress that consists of three sections of clay bricks, and with the passage of ages on the castle and the multiplicity of years on it, the castle was damaged in a large part of it at the beginning of the twentieth century and the damaged part was renewed, and this castle is considered She is the only one built of stone, And which includes the view of the coast, and surrounds the houses that were built in the past and are still present.

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Fujairah Museum

This museum was built after scientists discovered many wonderful rare artifacts during the process of digging and searching for relics, which are sculptures of rock stone, painted pottery, silverware, ancient weapons that were used in wars that appeared before Islam, and the history of these things dates back to the era Bronze, and other collections were added to the museum of large and varied shapes and sizes of ancient and modern swords, silver jewelry that were used in ancient times for decoration.

Ottoman Mosque

The Ottoman Mosque was built by the Ottomans during the occuAl Bahahn, and it is one of the oldest mosques in Fujairah, and it was built on the method of the Ottoman heritage that is characterized by large domes, sufficient spaces that allow many people to perform the prayer, a minbar, high and many openings, a mihrab, and also arches, and is found in the middle The mosque is a column that separates the interior of the mosque.

Ain al-Madhab Hot Springs

The eye of Al-Madab fountains depends on its popularity on the treatment, which helps effectively relieve pain and a sense of psychological comfort, which comes because of the temperature of the water that reaches the warmth and the presence of many elements rich in minerals, and sulfur water that is added in the baths designated for bathing from the eye springs, Thus, these eyes attract many tourists, and also the local people, and it is one of the many places that provide comfort for families, which depend on privacy, and these fountains are located on the slopes of the Hajar Mountains outside the city of Fujairah.

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Heritage Village

Heritage Village defines its name as preserving the primitive and traditional life of the people of the Emirates, because it contains many traditional houses, agricultural tools, and cooking tools, and also uses the old methods of cultivation, and there are still many other ancient buildings that were used by the Al-Hakim family in the past, A wall of mud was built to increase the beauty of the village and make you feel and see the ancient life of the indigenous people. Recently, the state has renewed the old forts.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Among the most recent things that were built in Fujairah, and it was prepared to accommodate the largest number of worshipers due to the large prayer area inside it, and it is classified as the second largest mosque in the Emirates, after the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and its external structure contains 6 minarets, and it is called the Al Badia Mosque for its presence in In the middle of the Fujairah Mountains.

Masafi village

Al-Masafi Village is one of the most famous landmarks of the city of Fujairah, due to its popularity due to the presence of many natural springs, where there is a lot of natural water that is suitable for drinking, so it is one of the forefront villages in producing mineral water to all the Gulf states, and is also famous for being one of the most important commercial centers , Because of the market, known as the Friday Market, and it remains open throughout the week to sell and display many types of different and distinctive goods, including also antiques, carpets, ornaments and gifts, and also offers the cheapest prices from other markets, and the village passes with its views on the Hajar Mountains.

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Al Hayl Castle

Castle Al-Hail is the castle that was used by the ruling family in the past, and it was of utmost importance due to its strategic location, which makes it an impenetrable fortress against enemies, and its history dates back to two hundred and fifty years ago, and its walls were built in a distinctive and unique way and printed inscriptions expressing a time Its construction, and the white lime paint that was used at the time, is considered to be close to the city of Hail, on the mountain of Hajar.

Bithna Fort

This village is located outside the city of Fujairah, in the eastern part of it, surrounded by the Hajar Mountains, and many wonderful and ancient monuments were placed inside it, built in 1735 AD.

Bull Butting

In the past, they used to fight in bulls and their wars in this place, so this place was named this name in relation to these wars, and every Friday, the people of the skeleton carried out wrestling between the bulls, so that tourists and the people of the country gathered around them to watch this wrestling, and the competition starts with an equivalent Twenty bulls, and when there are two winners, advanced stages of the competition will be made, and the event was drawn by the people of Portugal.

Wadis valleys

It is a natural underground rivers that gathered because of the continuous rains, and includes a lot of natural water, and the valleys are famous for the widening of their size, and there are many of them like an important valley, which is the largest valley there due to its length and size and the amount of water in it, and many valleys that enjoy natural scenery Magnificent waterfalls interspersed, in the midst of the mountains there.

Awhlah Fort Awhlah Fort

It is one of the most important buildings that distinguish castles in Fujairah, because it was built on solid foundations and enjoys impregnable walls and fortresses, and it is one of the best forts that were built in the past to defend the city, and this was the goal of its construction to be the best historical fortress throughout the ages, and away from the city Fujairah is about thirty kilometers away, and it is a great site to create it. It has a large circular clock and narrow windows overlooking beautiful scenery.

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