The most prominent places of tourism in Bali

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In the article on tourism in Bali, we show you the most important tourist places on the island, in addition to recommendations to travel to it. Bali is an island that follows Indonesia, and it is one of the most beautiful islands that are characterized by the picturesque nature and enchanting beauty of the land, so it is an important tourist attraction, and tourists and visitors from different countries travel to it. Countries in the whole world to enjoy the beaches, tropical forests and fresh water. Various recreational activities can be practiced on the sandy beaches, waterfalls and boat rides in charming lakes. It is worth noting that the island is very close to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, so it is possible to travel to it The aircraft in a period not exceeding two hours, and in the following paragraphs we show you the most prominent tourist places in place.

Tourism in Bali

Best times to travel to Bali

Bali is located within the tropical island range, so it is not permitted to visit between November and April, because the humidity is very high, as the rains fall frequently throughout the day, and the temperature ranges between 26 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees, so it is advised to visit them in a period Droughts that extend for the rest of the year, in those months the temperature becomes moderate, and the rising sun helps to warm the place, and rains dry, which facilitates the process of touring the island and enjoying its activities and visiting tourist attractions in it, and we will show you in the following paragraphs the most prominent tourist attractions That you can visit Behold, when you go to Bali.

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Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is one of the best tourist beaches on the island of Bali, as it is the most popular tourist attraction, due to the presence of soft sand in it, and clean water, in addition to the high waves that enabled visitors to practice surfing, then you can go to the beach and enjoy swimming, or skiing On the water, as there is in the beach a dedicated area for playing ball, in addition to other places for cycling, it is also possible to lie on soft sand and enjoy the warmth of the sun, and what distinguishes the beach also is that it is equipped with service facilities such as food and fruit outlets and drinks, in addition to your mothers We sell swimwear and ski equipment, so you can shop at the place and buy whatever you like.
The most prominent places of tourism in Bali - The most prominent places of tourism in Bali

Champohan Waterfall

The Campuhan Twin Waterfall area, or what is called the Jet Jet Twin waterfall, is one of the most places in Bali that attracts tourists and visitors. The waterfall is located in Sukasada Regency area, near the tourist area of ​​Biogal, and can be reached by car from Bali Island in Less than an hour and a half.
The waterfall was opened for visitors and tourists in the year 2004 AD, and it is worth noting that the water in the waterfall is water coming from the Dalin Banfung River and the Bay of Lamia water. See the waters that fall from the high plateaus, and hear the sounds of the beautiful birds in the place, which send calmness and relaxation in the soul. You can also swim in the waterfall, swing over it, and take memorial photos in the pond there.
1581262227 875 The most prominent places of tourism in Bali - The most prominent places of tourism in Bali

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Bali Safari Park

If you visit Bali island, do not miss your next destination being “Bali Safari and Marine Park”, which is one of the most beautiful places on the island, in that park there are more than sixty different species of animals that roam absolutely freely in sheds The place, and the garden is specially designed to fit the nature and lifestyle of these animals.
You can go with family and friends to the place to see a group of rare animals that you have not seen before, in addition to wild species, and see more than four hundred animals whose original homeland belongs to different regions of the world, where these animals were brought from the countries of Africa, India, and Indonesia.
You can also take souvenir photos of bears, deer, watch black antelopes, zebras, feed African hippos and camels, see beautiful ostriches, as well as see brown baboons, and do not miss seeing the white tiger of its origin in India, which has great prestige And great appearance.
1581262227 20 The most prominent places of tourism in Bali - The most prominent places of tourism in Bali

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