The most prominent tourist places in Egypt

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Guide to the most prominent tourist places in Egypt that are worth a visit, Egypt is one of the most important tourist countries in the world, as it possesses half of the world’s monuments and the pharaonic history is still pulsating inside it through its various heritage places.
It is worth noting that Egypt is located in the northeast of the continent of Africa, and its population currently reaches more than 100 million people. As for the number of tourists annually, they reach more than 7 million tourists from different countries of the world.
But the tourist places in Egypt are not only limited to historical monuments, but there are many other tourist destinations that you must visit when you come there and you will get to know them through Arab travelers.

The most prominent tourist places in Egypt

1. Pyramids and the Sphinx

  • No one can go to Egypt without visiting this place, which is one of the seven wonders of the world, and which indicates the greatness of Pharaonic history.
  • When you start entering the place, you will find the three famous pyramids, namely Khufu, Khafra and Menkaure, and from a distance you will find the extent of their closeness, but the more you advance the more you notice the presence of large distances between them.
  • There is also the famous Sphinx and it is one of the most wonderful statues in history, it is carved from limestone, it is a human head on the body of a lion.
  • One of the best leisure activities that you can do that will enable you to enjoy the beauty of the place is more camel riding.
  • Going to the pyramids means that you must bring your camera with you to document unforgettable moments.

2. Khan Al-Khalili

  • It is one of the most attractive places for tourists after the pyramids, and it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cairo, where it is approximately 600 years old.
  • Khan Al Khalili is distinguished by its many tourist bazaars and shops that enable you to buy various souvenirs.
  • There are many shops inside the khan specialized in selling various accessories and gold, copper and silver jewelry.
  • Among the most famous products there are artifacts such as carpets, crystal and papyrus, as well as stores for various leather goods.

3. Egyptian Opera House

  • If you are a fan of art then you only have to visit the Egyptian Opera House, which is one of the most important places there, and it was opened in 1988.
  • The opera houses the open theater, which offers many international and local art shows, and its capacity is approximately 600 people.
  • The building is not limited to this theater only, but also includes many art centers, such as the Hanager Center for the Arts, and the small theater devoted to cultural seminars.
  • Among the most prominent places there is also the Grand Theater, which specializes in presenting large operatic shows, which can accommodate about 1,200 individuals.

4. Cairo Tower

  • It reaches a height of about 187 meters, and of course it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt.
  • The tower includes an elevator that enables you to climb to its summit, where you can see the entire Cairo in front of your eyes. You may be able to see the most prominent landmarks of Egypt from the Sphinx and the Pyramids, and the radio and television building.
  • The tower includes a number of restaurants and cafes that enable you to eat the best Egyptian dishes, as well as it is necessary to take memorial photos of this place.

5. Mosque of Muhammad Ali

  • Egypt has many mosques that refer to different time periods, the most important of which is the Muhammad Ali Mosque, which was built by Muhammad Ali Pasha in the period between 1830 to 1848.
  • The mosque is distinguished as being built in the Ottoman style, and it was built on an area of ​​about 5000 meters.
  • When you enter the mosque, you will find that it is divided into two parts, the first section, which is the eastern part of the place with an area of ​​about 2500, and the other section on the west side, in the middle of which there is a waterway dedicated to ablution.
  • The mosque is characterized by the fact that it was constructed in a way that allows for a loud echo to be heard when the call to prayer is heard, as there are no loudspeakers with two minarets.
  • The walls of the mosque are distinguished by being made of anesthetic marble, along with golden colored inscriptions that indicate the magnificence of Islamic art.

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