Singapore is located in Southeast Asia, at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula, separated from Malaysia by the Straits of Johor and from the Straits of Indonesia by Singapore. Singapore is the fourth most important financial center in the world and a global city that plays an important role in the global economy. The Port of Singapore is the fifth port in the world. Singapore is the third country in the world in terms of population density after Macao and Monaco, with a population of five million consisting of a mixture of Chinese, Malay, Indians and Asians from different cultures and Caucasians. More than 7 million tourists visit Singapore every year due to its wonderful places and picturesque nature suitable for all family members. Below are the most recommended activities in Singapore:

1- Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo
Singapore is gaining worldwide popularity thanks to the best zoo experience in the world. The fenced areas were designed inSingapore Zoo ” With great care, even the more than 2,500 species of animals are within a very short distance of visitors. A wonderful night safari tour can be done. Singapore is also home to the largest bird park in the world, which is “Jurong Bird Park ” Where you can attend a parrot entertainment show and see more than 5000 species of birds. You can also swim with dolphins in their private pool atDolphin Islands.

2- Orchard Street: a shopaholic’s paradise

Singapore Shop
Prepare “Orchard Street” Luxury which extends for more than two kilometers is a great place for shoppers as it includes 22 shopping centers with stores for the largest international designers such as Dior AndLouis Vuitton AndPrada AndCartier And other prestigious brands. You can visit the oldest shopping center in Singapore, which is a center “Takashimaya” andOther shopping malls sell affordable products.

3- Marina Bay

Marina Bay Singapore
Marina Bay is located in central Singapore and is considered one of the most important areas in the city, as it includes the most famous landmarks and adjacent to the financial center and the Strait of Singapore overlooking the China Sea. Among the famous landmarks in Marina Bay is the resort “Marina Bay SandsIt is considered one of the most famous hotels in Asia and has the largest infinity-edge pool on the roof in the world, 20 dining options and a world-class casino. In Marina Bay, there is a major shopping center with international brands, cafes and great restaurants.

4- Gulf Gardens

Gordens by the BayThe Gulf Gardens is one of the most famous and famous parks in Singapore, and it contains 3 famous gardens located on the waterfront, which are South Gulf Park, East Gulf Park, and Central Gulf Park. There is a suspension bridge 22 meters above the park and a length of 128 meters that passes between the colorful towers as it provides you with amazing panoramic views of the green gardens and the horizon where you can see the Marina Bay.

5- Merlion Park

Merlion ParkIt is considered a garden Merlion Park One of the most important centers of attraction in Singapore, located next to the Central Business District and includes the park Merlion statues Which is eight and a half meters long, and this garden was named after a legendary creature with a lion’s head and a fish body and this creature has an important cultural and heritage significance in Singapore, where it represents the Singapore Republic.

6- Singapore spinning wheel

Wheel of SingaporePrepare Singapore Roller Wheel One of the largest wheels in the world thanks to its length equal to the length of a building consisting of 42 floors. The wheel can see the best views of the city of Singapore, as well as the Malaysian lands to the north and the Indonesian lands to the south if the weather is clear.

7- Universal Studios on Santosa Island

Universal Studios SingaporeAmusement park is located Universal Studios On Santosa Island, at Resorts World Sentosa, the theme of the park revolves around the entertainment, film and television industry. The Universal Studios is one of the most important areas visited by tourists in Singapore for its activities, events, games, restaurants and cafes. It is considered one of the best places in all countries to spend a wonderful time with family and friends.

8- The Indian Quarter or Little India

Little India
Prepare Indian Quarter A miniature version of India with all its details from homes, restaurants and shops selling gold, spices and temporary Indian henna, as well as shops selling sari and wonderful Indian accessories, which are always distinguished by the abundance of colors and numbers. In addition to shops selling all kinds of meat, fresh vegetables, various fruits, shops selling antiques, antiques, copper utensils, and other traditional Indian shops. There are also fascinating Hindu temples with their unique decorations and colors.

9 – Chinatown or China Town

ChinatownAs the Chinese form the dominant ethnicity in Singapore, it is natural that Chinese culture is largely present and one of the most important features of this influence Chinatown Which is considered one of the most famous neighborhoods in Singapore and the regional trade center where there is sold a variety of different goods and exhibits and all counterfeit brands. As for the price, it is considered relatively cheap, and the neighborhood buildings are distinguished by its loud colors and wonderful Chinese architecture. There is a group of cafes and restaurants that offer good Chinese food.

10- Arab Street

Singapore Mosque
al Arab street One of the great places to visit when traveling to Singapore is the famous Sultan Mosque which is the icon of Islamic art in Singapore. Although the residents of the street are not Arabs, but rather belong to the Muslim minority in the country, the Arab culture is strongly present in this place. There are many restaurants that offer Arabic food, cafes that offer hookahs, and stores that sell authentic Arabic rugs, oud, amber, and perfumes. And on the Arab Street there is the Haji Line, which is famous for the presence of drawings on the walls and graffiti that make it an artistic painting for the exhibition.

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