Alexandria is the largest city in Egypt and its second capital, and it enjoys its picturesque beaches, cool air and tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors annually. Among the most famous of these monuments are the many museums and we will present to you the most famous and best museums in Alexandria.

The most important museums in Alexandria

Alexandria National Museum

Alexandria National MuseumMuseums in Alexandria, which is one of the famous museums that exist in Alexandria, and this museum was an old mansion of one of the wealthy merchants, and it is the famous wood merchant Asaad Bassili, and this palace was one of the most famous palaces ever. , And was formerly the headquarters of the American Consulate, but it was purchased by the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and converted into a museum, and this museum was opened in 2003.

The contents of the museum

This museum contains many artifacts, which number more than 1,800 precious pieces. This museum also contains rare artifacts, including the head of King Akhenaten, as well as the head of Queen Hatshepsut, in addition to a variety of statues, including statues of King Ramses II as well as Tuthmosis the Third, and also offers The museum is a unique exhibition hall, and this hall displays the flooded monuments, in addition to that it contains some pieces that have been recovered from the water, including the black granite Isis statue.

The Greco-Romen Museum

The Greco-Romen MuseumMuseums in Alexandria This museum is considered one of the best museums in Alexandria, which was established to preserve all the various monuments of Alexandria Governorate, and this museum was opened in 1895 and that was during the era of Khedive Abbas Hilmi II, and the museum contains about 33 halls Various displays, which range from museum displays, architectural displays as well as Greek arts, as well as wonderful Egyptian monuments as well as the famous crocodile temple.

The most important museum exhibits

Among the most famous contents of the Greco-Romen Museum is a mummy from the Romen era, as well as a marble head of Alexander the Great, in addition to a marble head of Julius Caesar, so the Greek Museum is one of the most important museums of Alexandria, as it contains a very large amount of antiquities in the Romen era The Ptolemies.

Royal Jewelry Museum

Royal Jewelry MuseumThe museums in Alexandria This museum was a palace of one of the famous princesses of the Alevi family, which is the Fatima Zahra Palace in Glim, and this museum includes about eleven thousand and five hundred precious artifacts, and this palace was divided into ten different halls and each hall includes different groups of antiques and jewelry Precious, these jewelry belong to the family of King Muhammad Ali.

The contents of the museum

This museum contains precious and very expensive jewelry, and also includes a group of rarities, especially watches set with rare diamonds and jewelry, it is worth noting that this museum has been designed in a modern style, it simulates European buildings in terms of architecture, and this museum consists of two eastern and western wings and between them a corridor The museum also has a lush garden full of flowers, ornamental trees and beautiful aromatic plants.

Aquarium Museum

Aquarium MuseumThe museums in Alexandria The Museum of Aquatic Biology is considered one of the most famous museums in Alexandria, and this museum includes a wide range of rare animals and water plants in addition to a large group of fish, and the museum includes many factories and fish ponds, in addition to that it contains a library, and displays many figures about the objects The Egyptian navy, which is difficult to find inside this museum, this museum was established in 1930, and this museum is located near the famous Qaitbay castle, and it is worth noting that there is a difficult museum attached to this museum, and this small museum includes examples of disordered marine creatures Mummified, which also includes a very beautiful model of the mermaid, as well as the skeleton of a giant whale.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria

The Museum of Fine Arts, AlexandriaMuseums in Alexandria This museum is considered one of the most famous museums of Alexandria, which attracts many visitors. This museum is located in one of the most prestigious areas in Alexandria, where it is located on Muharram Bey Street, and this museum is considered one of the unique museums, and it is the first museum in Egypt and the Middle East, which has It was created for fine arts only, and this museum includes a wide range of artworks for Egyptian art giants and artists, in addition to some beautiful paintings of foreign orientalists, and the most famous works that exist within this museum are the works of the great Egyptian artist Mahmoud Mukhtar, as well as some European international artists.

Sadat Museum

Sadat MuseumMuseums in Alexandria It is considered one of the best museums in Alexandria, and this museum includes a large collection of different medals and decorations obtained by the late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat, which has been obtained inside and outside Egypt, not only this but also it contains a large number of golden, bronze, silver and copper dishes that It was gifted to the late President as well as his wife Jehan. In addition to that it contains a set of different military suits and medals, including the military suit that Anwar Sadat wore on October 6, 1981 on the day of the show, so Sadat Museum is considered one of the most famous museums in Alexandria, Do not hesitate to visit it.

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