The names of cities in Britain

المسافرون العرب

London city

London belongs to the county of England located in Britain, located between latitude 51.51 and longitude -0.13, as well as 25 meters above sea level, and London is one of the largest cities in Britain, with an area of ​​about 1,572 square kilometers, while Its population is 7,556,900.

The city of Liverpool

Liverpool is located in the northwest of England, and there is the second most important port in Britain, and the city contains four berths for the port, and Liverpool is connected to Manchester via the railway line that was established in 1830 AD, and the city acquires an important economic and urban character, It includes many urban aspects, such as: the City Hall, the new Gothic Anglican cathedral, the Romen Catholic capital cathedral, and the University of Liverpool, in addition to containing many cultural urban aspects.

The city of Birmingham

Birmingham is approximately 177 km northwest of London, which is the second largest British city, in addition to being the largest city in the West Midlands, and it also occupies a major commercial and industrial center in the United Kingdom, in addition to being one of the Administrative and cultural centers also, as there are many cultural attractions in the city, such as the Birmingham Theater, and the Arts Center, which includes a concert hall and an art gallery.

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The city of Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the cities of the England province in Britain, located on a latitude of 53.38, and a longitude of -1.47, as the city rises 75 meters above the sea. Approximately 447,047 people.

Other British cities

British cities are divided into the provinces of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as follows:

  • City of England: It is Leeds, Bristol, Manchester, Leicester, York, Wedens, Wigan, Telford and Oxford.
  • Scotland cities:
    • Edinburgh: It is the capital of the county of Scotland, and its population according to statistics in 2016 is about 488,050 people.
    • Glazko.
    • Aberdeen.

Cities in Northern Ireland and Wales:

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    • Belfast: It is the capital of Northern Ireland, and its population according to statistics in 2016 is about 334,420 people.
    • Cardiff: It is the capital of the County of Wales, and its population according to statistics in 2016 is about 349,941 people.
    • Swansea: affiliated with the County of Wales.
    • Derry: Northern Ireland.

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