The names of cities in Qatar

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The names of the cities in Qatar

The State of Qatar includes several cities, each of which has several advantages, but – at the end of the matter – there remains a group of ties that link these cities to form this Qatari cultural identity with the characteristics that distinguish it from others, and at the same time unify them, and unify them, With it, the following are the names of these cities:
the number
the city name
The creek
Al Wakra
Al Rayyan
Ras Laffan
said’s mother
Umm Salal Ali
Mother of the door
Umm Salal Muhammad
The northern city
Al-Zubarah city

The largest city in Qatar

Doha is the largest city in the State of Qatar, with a population of approximately 1,313,000 people, and it is the official capital of the state, where Doha mediates the eastern part of the State of Qatar, and its land extends along the coast of the Arabian Gulf, and it includes a group of tourist attractions Attractive to tourists, and the most important of those landmarks: skyscrapers, which were designed in the style of Islamic culture, in addition to the Corniche, Heritage Village, Museum of Islamic Arts, and others.

One of the oldest cities in Qatar

The city of Al-Khor is located on the northern side of the city of Doha, which is more modern than it, separated by approximately fifty-seven kilometers, and it is known as pearl fishing, and small crafts, as the beaches of the city are among the most beaches that are intended for tourists, and for relaxation, for relaxation, for relaxation It is worth noting that this city is inhabited by 18,923 people according to the statistics of 2020.

The most important industrial cities in Qatar

Umm Saeed, which is also called (Mesaieed), is considered one of the most important industrial cities in the state. It is located on the coast of the eastern state of Qatar, and is approximately forty-five kilometers away from the capital, Doha, and it is worth noting that Umm Saeed industrial city is a large and large port. It is used for the export of oil, and it is also an important commercial port in which it contains oil refineries, knowing that the city is famous for the production of fertilizers, natural gas liquids, the petrochemical industry, and others.


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