Directory of the names of the most famous streets of Amsterdam for tourism and entertainment / It is one of the countries that were created and only for entertainment at its highest levels! Its streets are full of life, and it has everything you want as a tourist who wants to stroll, walk, and not miss any pleasure sitting in a hotel or hostel while traveling. You will not find real pleasure except on the streets of the Netherlands, and here is an article for Arab travelers that includes the most important things in the streets of Amsterdam.

What is Amsterdam famous for?

  • The “city canals” built in the seventeenth century helped move the city to the World Heritage Site in July 2010.
  • It is also famous for being the seat of large Dutch institutions, and one of the most important financial centers in the whole of Europe, and it is the country’s cultural capital.
  • In 2012, Amsterdam ranked second in the world in living preference, and in 2009 it ranked third in the world in innovation.
  • The city attracts about 4 million visitors annually, the largest proportion of which are European assets. The most attractive thing to tourists in the recent period are events and events.
  • Hotels are concentrated in the city center, and most rooms always available are 4 and 5 stars.
  • Historical landmarks, such as the University of Amsterdam, VU Amsterdam, Amsterdam School of Art, Royal Palace, Wax Museum, Dutch Maritime Museum, Annie Frank Museum, Van Gogh Museum, and Kalverstraa Tower are also dotted in Amsterdam.
  • There are also the sports arenas of the Ajax Club, the Amsterdam Arena, the Olympic Stadium.
  • It is located in Amsterdam beaches in the southern city of Sand Beach, as well as there is a bohemian beach. In addition to Hortus Botanics, Vondel Park.
  • Public transportation like regional buses and some suburban buses is recommended in place of private cars, tram lines and metro stations. There are also ten train stations, and Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, which is the most famous airport in the Netherlands.
  • The Netherlands is very popular for cycling, and it cares a lot. The number of bicycles reached 1.2 in 2013, and there are special paths for cyclists with a length of 400 kilometers.

Amsterdam streets at night

  • The streets of the Netherlands have a huge diversity of what a tourist may want to see and what he may not want. It is working hard to become the first region of European attractions.
  • Utrecht Street For example, one of the most densely populated streets, and visitors, which includes luxury stores, design and record shops, as well as wonderful cafes and restaurants.
  • As for street Calver It includes Calverton Mall, which consists of three floors that include various shops, and on the last floor there is a restaurant with a great view, and two attractive cafes.
  • It is considered PC Hofoft One of the finest streets in the city, as it includes many international brands of clothing and cosmetics.
  • There is also Harlemer Street And whose stores exceed 200 stores and it varies between clothes, cosmetics, and accessories, as well as the street includes multiple restaurants and cafes.
  • It is also crowded streets Leads Street, Which is characterized by the presence of cinemas and theater, in addition to the shops of the most famous brands, as well as restaurants and cafes.
  • And you’ll find Amsterdam Street Wester The clothing, shoe and textile market is held on Mondays every week.
  • And forCornellis Shayt Street In addition to clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and flower and food shops, there are restaurants and cafes.
  • Amsterdam Street De Valen, And is famous for being one of the red streets of the Netherlands, where prostitution is legalized, by renting about 300 cabins for girls at night, and lighting them in red, to attract those willing.

The city streets enjoy a simple nature that attracts tourists to walk in, and buy everything they want to gift to relatives and friends. And it spreads the distinctive markets, malls, and stores that cover all personal and family needs in an atmosphere filled with joy and enjoyment.

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