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Directory of the names of tourist cities in Egypt and the most beautiful places of tourism and entertainment in all of Egypt’s famous tourist cities, Egypt remains one of the most important and best areas that attract tourists from all parts of the world, because of its diverse and multiple tourism treasures, because Egypt is a crossroads for all cultures and civilizations with a deep heritage mix, Tourism in Egypt varies between cultural, therapeutic, historical, and recreational tourism, and Egyptian history almost speaks of the civilizations that Egypt has been built in since the beginning of history. The tourist in Egypt finds a mixture of originality and modernity in addition to the wonderful coastal areas and picturesque nature, along with the presence of many areas And the landmarks that suit young people, families and children, and in our article today we will mention the most important tourist cities that are the most famous in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Egypt:

Throughout its civilizational history, Egypt has been known as an important destination for tourism lovers, besides that the discovery of the Pharaonic monuments since the beginning of the century that added its own charm, along with the unique civilization, religious monuments, and a unique geographical location in the middle of the world, as well as the nature of its moderate climate in the summer And winter, the presence of many picturesque coastlines that extend along its shores, teeming with tremendous treasures of unique and rare coral reefs.
Tourism in Egypt depends on the presence of many relics that tell about the cultural diversity that Egypt has witnessed over the ages, starting from the Pharaonic civilizations to Coptic and Roman until Islamic and modern, as well as its location overlooking the Red Sea to the east, which includes pure water and many types of fish and reefs. Coral and many areas attractive to diving lovers, as there are many tourist attractions in Egypt of various types and shapes, as mosques and temples are spread in it, and many monuments, museums, historical buildings, vast gardens, hotels and resorts.

Names of tourist cities in Egypt:

The most beautiful places of tourism in Cairo:

In Cairo there are many monuments belonging to different civilizations, as there are pharaonic and Roman antiquities and there are Christian and Islamic monuments and modern monuments, in addition to that it bursts with many famous monuments such as:

  • pyramids and Sphinx:

It is located on the Giza Plateau in Giza Governorate, and is considered one of the tourist places in Cairo, where it is located on the western bank of the Nile and dates back more than 5000 years, and includes three pyramids, fear, a branch, and a cave, which are basically tombs for kings, each pyramid called the king who built and buried in it, while The Sphinx is a statue of a mythical creature whose body is the body of a lion and its head is a human’s head.

  • Pharaonic Village:

In it, the Egyptian history and civilization of the Pharaohs are introduced, and the prevailing patterns of life in these ancient times are revealed.

  • Cairo Tower:

The Cairo Tower provides visitors with a wonderful view of the city of Cairo in all its neighborhoods and landmarks. The height of this tower is 187 meters. This tower is located on Zamalek Island. At the top of the tower there is a rotating platform that provides comprehensive views of all the tourist areas in the city of Cairo.

  • Opera House:

Or as it is known as the National Cultural Center, it was opened in 1988 and is located on the island’s land in Cairo, comprising a number of museums, recreational and cultural centers and many art works.

  • Khan Al-Khalily:

Among the most important tourist destinations for Egyptians and tourists, the Khan El Khalili market includes many handicrafts such as wood crafts, copper and some souvenirs and antiques, in addition to the presence of many famous libraries and cultural cafes such as El Fishawy Coffee.

  • Abdeen Palace:

It is considered one of the best and most famous tourist places in Cairo, as it is a historical architectural masterpiece, this palace was built during the period of the Ottoman dynasty to Egypt (the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha), and has witnessed many important historical events, and in our time the Abdin Palace has become a museum visited by thousands From tourists.

  • Baron Palace:

It is a unique architectural masterpiece, constructed by the Belgian millionaire Baron Adore in the late nineteenth century.

  • Tahrir Square:

One of the most important and largest squares in Cairo, and it was previously known as Ismail Square, relative to Khedive Ismail, and the vibrant center of the city of Cairo is surrounded by many shops, restaurants, cafes and others.

  • Egyptian Museum:

It is considered one of the oldest museums in the world, with more than 160 rare Pharaonic archaeological masterpieces.

  • The Coptic Museum:

It was opened within the borders of the Fort of Napoleon in ancient Egypt, and witnessed many additions to the Roman era, and the number of its holdings is 16,000 pieces of art dating back to the Coptic era in Egypt.

  • Umm Kulthum Museum:

It is a building in the Al-Manesterly Palace, and there are a number of Umm Kulthum’s possessions, such as souvenirs, necklaces and clothes.

  • Salah al-den al-ayobi’s castle:

One of the most famous and most luxurious war castles dating back to the Middle Ages, and this castle is located on the outskirts of the city of Cairo, includes many mosques dating back to the era of the Fatimid state in Egypt, such as the Sultan Hassan Mosque, Ibn Tulun Mosque, the Rifai Mosque, the Muhammad Ali Mosque and the Muhammad Bin Qalawun Mosque, as well as many Archaeological museums such as the Garden Museum, the Military Museum and the Museum of Vehicles, and the castle includes the Palace of Jewelry.

  • Al-Hussein Mosque:

It was built during the reign of the Fatimids in 1154 AD, and it was called by this name because there is a belief that the head of Imam Hussein is buried in it.

  • Aquarium:

It is located in Zamalek and contains 49 fish tanks.

  • Zoo:

It is the largest zoo in Egypt and the Middle East and the first of its kind in Africa, it includes many animal species.

  • International Park:

It is located in Nasr City, which contains many animals, trees, and plants, as well as a number of sections.

  • Al-Azhar Park:

One of the largest gardens in Cairo, an area of ​​80 acres.

The most beautiful places of tourism in the city of Alexandria:

This city has a distinctive tourist character, one of its most distinguished is its mild climate and its distinct location, with a wonderful mixture of ancient archaeological areas and modern areas that are represented in modern monuments and beaches, Alexandria contains 41 tourist attractions included in all areas of religious tourism and recreational and medical tourism yachts and festivals And exhibitions and others, and the most prominent tourist attractions include:

  • Alexandria National Museum:

It is considered one of the most important tourist places in Alexandria, this museum was originally a private palace for a large timber merchant called Asaad Pasha, and this museum contains many wonderful artifacts that describe the different eras witnessed in Egypt starting from the Pharaonic, Roman, Ptolemaic and Islamic periods.

  • Roman Theater:

It is located in the Kom El Dekka area in Alexandria, and is considered one of the prominent monuments dating back to the Roman era. This theater was built at the beginning of the fourth century AD.

  • The Greco-Roman Museum:

And in it displays a wonderful collection of monuments that were found in Alexandria and the areas around it. Most of the monuments date back to the Ptolemaic era and the Roman era that followed it. This museum was opened in 1892.

  • Montazah Palace:

It is one of the prominent landmarks in Alexandria, it is characterized by its unique location on the shore of the Alexandria sea, between the forests and picturesque gardens, and is characterized by its unique architectural design, this palace includes a number of historical monuments dating back more than a century such as the tea stall and clock tower as well as the Princess Cinema.

  • Royal Jewelry Museum:

And in the Zezenia region, this museum contains approximately 11,000 pieces of jewelry from the most valuable jewelry of the royal families who ruled Egypt from the time of Muhammad Ali until the era of King Farouk I.

  • Qaytbay Castle:

This castle is located on Faros Island, in the far west of Alexandria. This castle is surrounded by the sea on three sides, which earned her splendor and imaginative beauty. It became a legend of the Mediterranean bride, and it is considered one of the seven wonders of the world. This castle is characterized by its Mamluk architectural planning dating back to the year 882 AD.

  • Zoo:

It is the second largest zoo in Egypt, this park is characterized by its recreational activities and fun atmosphere, there is a reptile house and a house of seven and a lake for waterfowl, and there is a museum of natural history and a children’s park, in addition to the presence of a number of rare and savage pets.

  • Antoniadis Palace:

It is considered one of the most beautiful and oldest tourist areas in the city of Alexandria, the construction of this palace dates back to the Ptolemaic era, the palace is surrounded by a number of extensive gardens with a creative design, in the garden there are a number of marble statues of some historical and legendary figures such as the statue of Venus and the statue of Christopher and Vasco de Gama and Magellan, also includes The garden has a number of rare trees, plants and flowers.

  • Alexandria Library:

This library is located in Al-Shatby area, which is distinguished by its wide area and its wonderful design. It contains a number of libraries and centers and has a library of visual and audio materials. It also includes a number of museums and conference halls, as well as the Planetarium.

  • Aquarium Museum:

There are a number of animals and many marine plants such as turtles, shells, marine plants, fish and sponges that live in Egyptian lakes and lakes, and there are figures for some marine organisms that live in Egypt.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Aswan:

The city of Aswan is one of the most beautiful walkers in the whole world, as it is characterized by its moderate dry climate next to its warm sun and the calmness of this city. Aswan is one of the ancient cities in Egypt where it is full of many tourist attractions beside the scenic landscape, this city is located on the banks of the Nile River, Millions of tourists come to it from everywhere to enjoy its picturesque nature and witness its historical monuments. Among its most prominent features are:

  • Temple of Ramses II:

It is known as the Temple of Abu Simbel, and it is visited by tourists every year in order to see the view of the sun perpendicular to the face of King Ramses II. This unique phenomenon is where thousands of tourists come to see it every year.

  • Kalabsha Temple:

This temple was built during the Ptolemaic era, this temple contains many pharaonic deities such as Isis and Azores, and the walls of this temple are decorated with some ancient Pharaonic inscriptions.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Luxor:

Luxor is a city of history and civilization whose roots go back to the depths of history to bear witness to the greatness of the ancient Egyptian, who was called by his arts and sciences for more than 7000 years, but now it is considered an open university for human history specializing in prehistoric times until the modern era, and its most famous features:

  • Luxor temple:

This temple was built to worship the gods Shepherd There are two large obelisks in the temple where many tourists visit to learn about the history of this obelisk, and next to Luxor Temple there is the holy lake.

  • Karnak Temple:

This temple contains many historical inscriptions, and the Karnak Temple is famous for its sound and light phenomena, as this phenomenon is celebrated every evening.

The most beautiful places of tourism and entertainment in Sharm El Sheikh:

Sharm El Sheikh is one of the most famous tourist cities in Egypt. It includes a package of the most beautiful tourist resorts in the world. This city has all the means of relaxation and recreation. It is considered one of the best parts of the earth for practicing diving and snorkeling, as well as practicing various water sports. This city contains many markets Traditional folk beside its magnificent desert, bustling with the finest resorts, hotels and many western and eastern restaurants. Among its most famous landmarks are:

  • Ne’ema bay:

It is considered one of the best tourist places in Sharm El Sheikh, and it enjoys a very wide popularity among tourists from all over the world. This Gulf contains a long walkway overlooking the Red Sea coast, and a number of cafes, restaurants and many hotels are spread on both ends of the Gulf.

  • One Thousand and One Nights:

The Thousand and One Nights offers attract huge numbers of tourists who love to know all the historical and civilizational aspects. The goal of the Thousand and One Nights offers is to present the pharaonic history of Egypt that dates back thousands of years, and these offers are made in a closed complex that contains many restaurants, cafes and many shops.

  • Safari in the desert:

Where you can go for a full day trip to experience the desert life, riding motorcycles and night parties, and eating dinner in the Bedouin style.

  • Aqua park:

This amusement park contains a large number of modern water games suitable for all immersion.

  • The popular market:

It is characterized by relatively cheap prices compared to prices on commercial markets, and is considered one of the most prominent tourist places in Sharm El-Sheikh.

  • Ras Mohamed Reserve:

It is considered one of the most beautiful natural areas in Sharm El Sheikh, and one of the most suitable places for diving and exploring marine neighborhoods and coral reefs.

  • Shark’s Bay:

And it contains a large number of beach hotels and resorts that have a stunning view.

Best places of tourism in Hurghada:

It is considered one of the most prominent tourist cities in Egypt, where its tourist attractions vary, including parks, resorts, markets, monuments, and many tourist activities. Among the most prominent attractions in the city are the following:

  • Scaffolding area:

It is considered the heart of Hurghada, it contains many tourist resorts, markets and restaurants in addition to its famous beaches and the presence of many diving centers.

  • Giftun Island:

It is located near the city of Hurghada, characterized by the beauty of its beaches and the smoothness of its sand. It is surrounded by many diving sites, along with many natural monuments.

  • El Gouna:

El Gouna is characterized by its depressions and its containment of many winding islands and canals, one of the most characteristic of its buildings is that they are neighborhoods surrounded by greenery.

  • Sahl Hasheesh:

It is located in the south of Hurghada, about 25 km from it. It has a number of luxury hotels, resorts and several leisure facilities.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Safaga:

It is located at a distance of 53 km south of Hurghada, it is considered one of the most beautiful and quietest tourist areas, this city includes many small tourist villages and cottages and there is a shallow sandy beach characterized by the purity and purity of its water, and the city of Safaga is characterized by its mild weather and sunny weather throughout the year, and a home For diving and surfing sports, it is famous for the presence of coral reefs with wonderful colors and many rare marine neighborhoods, as well as the presence of many restaurants that offer delicious seafood.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Marsa Alam:

Marsa Alaman city is characterized by its mild climate, which makes it one of the most suitable places for holidays throughout the year, from areas suitable for marine sports and diving, and there are many natural reserves and coral reefs, and there is a dolphin reserve, which provides a great opportunity for fans of toys and diving with a dolphin, There is also Sharm El-Luli, which is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which has gained great fame in the rankings of international beaches, as its beaches are similar to the beaches of the Maldives, where shallow turquoise waters and soft white sand, Marsa Alam is characterized by the scattering of trees to look as A paradise of paradise, it includes many water parks, the most famous of which is the Quaria Water Park.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Ain Sokhna:

This city overlooks the Gulf of Suez, and worships about Cairo for an hour and a half, and is considered one of the most favorite places for Egyptians, as it is visited by many tourists to enjoy its healthy sulfur water, along with its solar atmosphere, it is considered suitable for spending muscle throughout the year, spread over its sides many huge resorts Which looks like small cities, besides it contains many sandy beaches in which various water activities such as surfing and diving are held, and Jaz Little Venice Resort is considered one of the best entertainment centers in Ain Sokhna, and there are a number of recreational centers, cinemas and pain Lat commercial and amusement of children and galleries offers.

The most beautiful places of tourism in the city of El Alamein:

This city is located east of Marsa Matrouh, there is a land road that connects it between the city of Cairo and Alexandria, characterized by moderate temperatures and the beauty of its climate, the name of this city was associated with the Second World War and many military sites and cemeteries for war victims, known as the Commonwealth Cemetery, are also spread. It has many memorials, this city is characterized by its sandy beaches, which have its own charm as it has a coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and it contains many beaches and a harbor, as well as many Roman and Greek monuments.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Marsa Matruh:

This city is a beach resort and port overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this city is characterized by its pleasant temperate climate, along with the presence of many ancient Pharaonic monuments in it, the most important of which is the Temple of Ramses II, which is located about half an hour away from the city center of Marsa Matruh, and that city is famous for its beauty Its sandy beaches which attract many visitors to it, and Agiba beach is considered the most beautiful beach among the city’s beaches because of its wonderful rocky shapes scattered in it and there is also the love beach which singer Laila Murad sang near.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Nuweiba city:

It is located in the middle of the road between the cities of Taba Wahb, it is considered one of the natural places that is characterized by calm and purity. Laws dating back to prehistoric, beside the spread of wide green oases such as the Ain Khadra Oasis, which is located near the Monastery of St. Catherine, and the city contains a source of fresh natural fresh water, one of the most important activities that can be practiced there is to identify the villages and fishermen surrounding the place, And camping trips, horseback riding, camel or quad bikes to explore the dreams of the plateaux and valleys and oases in the middle of the desert of Egypt, which fill many exciting stories and legends.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Taba city:

It is located on the Gulf of Aqaba, located 3 hours away from the city of Sharm El-Sheikh. It is considered one of the quietest places in Egypt that fits a lot with those who want privacy, but the temperatures in the summer rise above forty degrees, and one of the most distinguishing features of Taba is that it is the meeting point Among the three countries where it is possible to see the coasts of Palestine, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, in addition to its picturesque dreamy beach, there can visit the island of Pharaoh, on top of which is the Citadel of Saladin, which is one of the most prominent Islamic monuments in the city of Taba, there is a vast and large golf club, suitable for safari lovers , Then a special trip to the valley can be organized A colorful or great groove, which is a rare natural phenomena in Taba Protectorate as it extends in the form of twisted rocky valleys of her colors and forms of breathtaking.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Dahab city:

This city overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba, it is known for its golden shining beaches, it has a great reputation in the world of tourism where there are many beaches, nature reserves and picturesque places, and given the availability of many options and capabilities in the city make it one of the favorite destinations for tourists, where professional diving races are held in the Blu area Hall, which is characterized by its deep nature and being rich in coral reefs, fish and aquatic organisms, but it is considered a dangerous place for non-professionals, there can be horseback riding on its beaches, where there are many popular markets and bazaars that Where all Egyptian manufactures display, can there camping trips or take a tour of the Mount of Moses or the Monastery of St. Catherine.

The most beautiful places of tourism in Siwa oases:

Siwa Oasis is located in the Western Desert of Egypt, where it is three and a half hours away from the city of Marsa Matruh, there is a secluded world that does not accept many visitors and travelers, so the difficulty of reaching the Siwa Oasis added to it additional value and made it a precious jewel found in the heart of the vast desert, and one of the closest features Siwa, we find Shali Castle, which is one of the oldest historical castles in Egypt, which is near the Mountain of the Dead, which is characterized by its conical shape, it is a group of tombs dating back to the era of the Pharaohs, and there can be a tour of the middle of the Sea of ​​Sand where there is one well this well is filled with sulfur hot water, For looks and أنه عين الصحراء الغاضبة بذلك المكان الرائع، ويوجد هناك أيضاً حمام كليوباترا مما يتيح فرصة للسباحة في نبع المياه الساخنة التي تحاصرها الحدائق الخضراء والبساتين، لتبدو وكأنها عالم أخر يرضي كل من يبحث عن تجربة سياحية جديدة غير تقليدية.


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