There are a lot of old folk markets in Riyadh and they are the most famous market in the city as they are not a fashion that has a period
It is a living heritage that is going on in the veins of the city and is considered the first destination that Riyadh residents go to when they think about shopping; they are excellent prices and high quality. If you are interested in those markets, here are the best nine popular popular markets in Riyadh You can get the best experience Shop it.

A comprehensive guide to the best old folk markets in Riyadh

Almuaikliah Markets Markets

Al-Muqiliyah Markets are located on King Abdulaziz Road to the south, and it is one of the most popular markets in Riyadh, and its prices are not competitive. They are almost the only markets from which you can buy anything at a wholesale price. Commercial specializing in gold, clothing, perfumes, incense, fabrics and everything. The special thing is that the shops are all located in one place and not far from each other, you will not feel tired or exhausted while shopping, but entertainment and pleasure. Almuaikliah Markets MarketsAlmuaikliah Markets MarketsAlmuaikliah Markets MarketsAlmuaikliah Markets Markets also: cheap Riyadh malls and markets

Al Zall Market

The Al-Zul market, which is located in Deira, Riyadh, is the oldest popular market in the city, as it is a heritage market dating back to about 1901, and it forms an important part of the city’s history and heritage, and reflects its ancient past. Popular and Turkish and Iranian carpets and shoes, and you will find all the old and traditional things in it. This is his main activity from that time to the present day. It also gives Riyadh a unique character.Al Zall MarketAl Zall MarketAl Zall MarketAl Zall Market

Al Sweilam Street

Al-Suwailem Street is located on King Fahd Road in Riyadh, which is close to Al-Moakiliya Markets, and it is considered one of the famous markets in the city by selling children’s toys, accessories, gifts of various kinds, cosmetics and decorations; and at half the price of other stores outside the market. Along the street you can roam Among the shops spread on its sides and close to each other, which facilitates the shopping process, the prices in the market are not high and you can buy some things at a wholesale price, and this makes it the ideal place to buy gifts.Al Sweilam StreetAl Sweilam StreetAl Sweilam StreetAl Sweilam Street Read also: Riyadh luxury shopping and malls

Swaigah Trade Center

Suwaiqa Commercial Center has a very special location, as there is no one who does not know it, as it is considered part of the Al-Hakam Palace in Riyadh, and this makes it one of the most popular popular markets in the city. From Al-Hakam Palace, the center contains up to two hundred and sixty diverse shops where all things are sold of clothes, fabrics, children’s and men’s clothing and watches. The most famous of the Souika commercial center is the women’s gown stores, as they have the vast majority in the center’s stores and Sold at excellent prices Like everything else, and it held a lot of offers and discounts throughout the year at the center at non-competitive.Swaigah Trade CenterSwaigah Trade CenterSwaigah Trade CenterSwaigah Trade Center

Al Thumairy Street

Al-Thumairy Street in Riyadh is famous for the original handicrafts that have been passed down through generations and it is located just south of
Al-Masmak Palace is considered one of the most famous old popular markets in Riyadh with high value. Al-Thumairy Street is spread with shops, open exhibitions and street vendors, and there you will find everything that is heritage and antique
And it has great value and very reasonable prices and is not overrated, you will find coffee pots, silver daggers and silver jewelry.
And carpets, handmade furnishings and many distinctive crafts that serve as unique gifts.Al Thumairy StreetAl Thumairy StreetAl Thumairy StreetAl Thumairy Street

Ashkar Market

Ashqeer Market is located in Al-Muqabara Street in Al-Deira in Riyadh, and it is one of the best old folk markets in Riyadh
Where it dates back to many past times, which makes it an important heritage market. The market is famous for its spices, which have the vast majority in spread there in addition to the shops of oriental and Arab sweets
Delicious and bag stores, perfumes and watches, and there is a dedicated area in the Ashkar market for ladies and children clothes.
Commodities on the market are sold at cheap prices, and you won’t even need to bargain. They are really excellent.Ashkar MarketAshkar MarketAshkar MarketAshkar Market

Souq Al Marqab Riyadh

Al-Marqab Market is located in Al-Batha, Riyadh, and it is one of the old popular markets in Riyadh, which many people do not know
With its presence, its great value, and how great it is, it is located specifically between Hilla Al Qasman and Aswaq Bin Sulayman, you will not find clothes in Al Marqab Market, but in return you will find bags and shoes shops with the best designs and replica watches.
Of the world famous brands, in addition to perfumes, cosmetics and accessories, all sold at low prices on
Although it is the production of the first imitation of international brands, but it is sold at almost one tenth of its price when compared to large luxury malls.Souq Al Marqab RiyadhSouq Al Marqab RiyadhSouq Al Marqab RiyadhSouq Al Marqab Riyadh

Al-Khazzan Street

Al-Khazzan Street is located in the Dhahira district of Riyadh along the King Fahd Road, and it is among the best popular markets in Riyadh
It is famous for the global imitation clothing brands that are sold at unbeatable prices and are of excellent quality as well and are varied.
To suit all age groups and different tastes. The street also contains many other markets and shops that sell household items that are difficult to find elsewhere.
In addition to the boutique cosmetics and elegant home décor, the market is located in a lively location that is easily accessible.Al-Khazzan StreetAl-Khazzan StreetAl-Khazzan StreetAl-Khazzan Street

Al Wazir Street Riyadh

One of the oldest streets of the entire kingdom is Al-Wazeer Street, as it has an ancient history, a great heritage, and has stories and tales told by
Residents, located near Al-Khazzan Street along the King Fahd Road, which is one of the finest streets in the capital today. The Al-Wazir Street is characterized by its markets that sell a lot of goods at wholesale prices and you can get excellent deals with them, there you will find
Affordable clothing stores, cosmetics, perfumes, household items, and replica watches
Cheap, and you won’t have to worry about how to get there. There are no people in Riyadh who don’t know this wonderful Al-Wazir Street.Al Wazir Street RiyadhAl Wazir Street Riyadh

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