The oldest Arab city

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Jericho is the oldest Arab city

11 Arab cities were classified as one of the oldest cities in the world as part of a report published by the British Telegraph newspaper and those cities were, according to order in terms of the most recent to the oldest Erbil in Iraq, Tire in Lebanon, Jerusalem in Palestine, Beirut in Lebanon, Sidon in Lebanon, Fayoum in Egypt, Damascus in Syria, Aleppo in Syria, Jbeil in Lebanon, Jericho in Palestine, and thus Jericho will be the oldest Arab and international city.

Jericho site and history

Jericho is the city of the moon according to what the Canaanites called it or Jericho for the Jews, it is an ancient historical Palestinian city located in the West Bank, specifically on the West Bank near the Jordan River in eastern Palestine, and at the north of the Dead Sea, this ancient city dates back to 10,000 years BC, and besides being The oldest city in the world, it is also considered the lowest region in the world, after God the Most High, the Most High, sodomized the people of Lot.

Jericho ancient civilizations

A lot of civilizations came to that city, and because of its ancient history, this city has lived through all the ages. In the Stone Age, it was inhabited and its inhabitants were known for its agriculture and stability. The Persians occupied it and the Christian religion spread in it. In Islamic times, that city was subjected to the rule of Muawiyah ibn Sufyan, and then the Crusaders occupied it and Salah al-Din Ayyubid triumphed over them in the battle of Hattin and liberated them from them, then they were subjected to the Ottoman rule and after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the war The first of the world occupied by the British, then occupied by the Israeli occupation in the uprising of stones in 2001.

Jericho climate

Since Jericho is the lowest area in the world as it is located in the Jordan Valley, it is hot and dry in summer, mild in winter, and many tourists mean the winter period when the temperature is appropriate, and in this climate it has become an important agricultural region for citrus and dates.

Historic places in Jericho

Jericho is a tourist city for tourists, as it is the oldest city in the world, because it is the focus of everyone’s attention despite its high temperature, and since it has witnessed all eras, it contains many historical monuments, including:

  • Hisham’s Palace: One of the most important monuments visited by tourists: It was built by Hisham Ibn Abdul-Malik, who ruled Jericho for a period of time, and it is a special place for a mosaic painting that shows the beauty of Islamic architecture.
  • Qarnatel Monastery: This monastery was built in 1892 AD and is located north of Jericho.
  • Naran: It is a small Byzantine city located northwest of Jericho.

In addition to historical monuments, tourists go to the natural places, the most important of which is the Dead Sea, which is characterized by its strong salinity, and is characterized by the properties of medicinal materials extracted from it, where the resorts were built on it and the Israeli occupation controlled a large part of it, and every year the level of this drought-threatened sea decreases.


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