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Damascus city

Damascus is the capital of Syria, located in the southwestern side of Syria, and is considered the oldest inhabited capital in the world, with a history dating back more than 11,000 years, and a population of more than 2.5 million people, and it is also the link between different civilizations due to its vital location, And it was called in 2008 the capital of Arab culture.

The development of the city of Damascus

The city of Damascus developed during various stages, and reached its climax after it became the capital of the Umayyad Empire, i.e. at the beginning of the seventh century. The city contains historical features of Hellenistic origins with Roman additions, and these monuments have historical walls of 1500 meters in length and 1000 meters in width, and are divided into Eight doors, seven of which are on the classical system, and the name Bab al-Jabiyya is called the western door, and the name of the Roman Sun Gate on the eastern door, and most of the prominent features of the city show its Roman planning between the second and third centuries AD.

History of the city of Damascus

The city of Damascus was an important cultural and commercial center, due to its geographical location between East and West, and between Africa and Asia, and in the Middle Ages it was the center of the flourishing crafts industry, and several civilizations passed through Damascus, including Hellenistic civilization, Roman civilization, Byzantine civilization, Islamic civilization, and from The most disagreement that left a clear impact on the city is the Umayyad caliphate, as it developed the city on the basis that it is an Arab Islamic city, and despite Islam’s control of the city, only Roman and Byzantine monuments are still visible in the city, and from the clear and visible evidence that belongs to Roman era remains of the Temple of Jupiter, and the remains of the various gates, and the walls of the Romanian city.

The most important landmarks of the city of Damascus

There are many historical monuments that indicate the authenticity of the city, including:

  • Amawy mosque.
  • St. Hanania Church.
  • Damascus Castle.
  • Old markets, such as Al Hamidiya and Medhat Pasha.
  • Tomb of Salahuddin Al-Ayoubi.
  • St. Paul’s Church.
  • Sulaymaniyah hospice.


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