The oldest city in Morocco

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The oldest city in Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the countries of North Africa, located in the far northwest of the continent overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar, and its coasts overlook the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and the history of Morocco is ancient and reaches prehistoric stages, where successive civilizations dating back forty thousand years, and started Its successive historical stages since the fourth millennium BC, and the oldest city in Morocco is the city of Fez, which occupies the third place in terms of area after both Casablanca and Rabat, and the design and construction of the city dates back to the Idrissid state.

Fas city

History of the city

The city of Fez is more than a thousand and two hundred years old, and the date of founding the city dates back to eight hundred and eight AD, and it was established to become the capital of the Idrisid state during the reign of Idris II, and in the thirteenth century AD the modern section was built by the French during the colonial phase, and in its history Fez was one of Hotbeds of conflict between the Umayyad state in Andalusia and the Fatimid state that ruled North Africa, and witnessed a great period of prosperity during the period of the Umayyad rule, and after its fall, the local rulers followed them as princes of Zitana, the Almohads and Beni Marin, and in the period of the French occupation Fes was the capital of Morocco until 1912 AD, Until the capital turned to the city of Rabat, and that incident had a negative impact on the city’s economy and population composition.

City location

The city of Fez is located in a central region between the north and central of the Kingdom of Morocco, so that the roads that connect the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the center of the country pass by, and the city is surrounded by many hills, and it occupies the fertile valley in the middle, which provided fertile lands suitable for cultivation, as it helps The nature of the land on storing rain water in an underground reservoir from which the springs that supply the city with fresh water come out.

City effects

There are many monuments in Fez that indicate the extent of civilization that reached them in different Islamic eras. Among the most important of these monuments are the eight gates of the ancient city wall, and these doors are distinguished by their arches and carvings that have retained their character to the present time despite the renewal of some of them in different periods, as for Within the city, it is distinguished by thousands of original buildings that were built during the founding times and the rule of the Marinids, in addition to the fresh channels that feed all parts of the city with water, which is seventy kilometers long. Fez was chosen as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO in eighty The last century came, and the city was developed to prevent vehicles that run on fuel and cars from traveling in the old city to keep them from pollution caused by exhausts, and this region is the largest area completely free of cars in the world.


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