Outlet in Prague occupies a great place among visitors and tourists from all over the world.
The city of Prague includes a large number of gift shops and stores of all kinds, and most places that display gifts and collectibles are in the old capital.
Christmas markets are always held in December of each year, which allows you to buy some souvenirs and cheap gifts from that city.
In this article, we will try to shed light on the most important outlets in Prague, and their addresses.

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The 7 most famous outlets in Prague:

1- Obuv Šotek – Outlet

One of the best outlets in Prague is located at 118 00 Prague / Vítězná 14 / Malá / Strana, Praha 1.
It contains a large assortment of shoes, bags, and all women's leather goods.
It is worth noting that you will find that the value of your products will drop to one third from any of the other large stores located on the New Town River.
The working hours are from nine in the morning until twelve in the morning.

2-Outlet - USA
Perhaps you will be amazed at the name, but it is already this very little in Prague, and one of the most famous.
If you want to get American products at a cheap price, you and your family members in Prague, you can go to this place.
It specializes in both men and women clothes such as jeans, dresses and T-shirts.
Other American brands such as ArmanihoK, polo, kelvinklajnovek.
Working hours are throughout the week from ten in the morning until six in the morning.

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3- Alpine PRO Outlet

It is considered one of the best hotels in Prague, and is a popular destination for many Czech and Prague residents.
All the products in it are made with local hands from the Czech Republic, and you can get a discount ranging from 30% to 40% on purchase prices.
If you have a discount card, you can get another discount of 5%.
And you can find everything you can imagine from baby clothes, menswear, ladies clothes, too.
As for the employees, they are highly professional and polite, and they have a great deal of helping others while shopping.
It is located at Zamenhofova 440/108 00 Prague / Štěrboholy

4- Hot Labels

This outlook is one of the places that are very popular due to the large number of international brands in it.
Examples of brands included in it are Roxy, Diesel, Bench, Quiksilver, Dc or Bershka.
Outlet is located near the liquor museum, but you must go shopping at an early stage as most sizes are quickly enforced, leaving only clothing of large sizes.
But in any case, you and your family members should try it.

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5-Offline This outlet is concerned with all what men have from shirts, T-shirts, and winter leather jackets, and not only that, but you can find many children's clothes such as shoes, bags and other leather products.
You will find that the materials provided are of high quality, but at a low price compared to other stores.
This outlet is located in Prague, specifically at Radlická 117 / Praha 5/158 00 Prague. Fashion Arena Outlet Center-6It is considered one of the most famous places in Prague, as testified by many tourists who visited it.
And you can get very famous brands at fantastic prices, for example, you can get Adidas shoes with discounts ranging from 30% to 70%.
You can also get more discounts by visiting them at Easter or Christmas times.
It is characterized by the fact that all products are in a high degree of fashion and different tastes.
Working hours are in the outlet throughout the week from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm.
The outlet is located at Zamenhofova 440/100 00 Prague / Czech Republic 7-Wonderland LidickáThis outlet raises the slogan “Discounts do not come too much”, and it displays a wide variety of men's, children's and women's clothes, and you can buy ski clothes through it.
It is known that he always offers models that suit young people, as well as cheap prices, and the brands that are inside him are billabong, quiksilver, roxy, and many other brands.
It is located in Lidická 14 / Praha 5/150 00 Prague.

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