The outlet is in Zurich … the cheapest prices and the finest brands

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The outlet outlets in Zurich are distinguished by being located in an average position from the rest of the European countries, especially France, Germany and Italy, and Switzerland is connected to the rest of its continent neighbors with a network of roads and railways and 5 international airports, which makes it a global commercial center for sellers and buyers alike.

The best outlets for Zurich

The outlet outlets in Zurich offer a wide range of products ranging from trendy fashions to exceptional brands to local manufactures.The outlet is in Zurich ... the cheapest prices and - The outlet is in Zurich ... the cheapest prices and the finest brands


Aubonne is ranked as the largest commercial outlet in the French-speaking region of Western Switzerland. The outlet includes more than 50 high-end shops with reduced price offers throughout the year. Discounts provided by Aubonne to its customers reach at least 30% of the prices offered in other shops on regular days. As for the seasons of discounts and holidays, discounts reach more than 70% on Most of the goods and exhibits. The shops at Outlet Aubonne provide all categories of goods you are looking for such as sports equipment, clothes, shoes, accessories, household items and jewelry. The biggest advantage of Aubonne outlet among other outlets in Zurich is that it offers discounts and price offers throughout the year.

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Outlet Aubonne is located on the motorway, just 15 minutes from Louisian and 30 minutes from Geneva.
Phone: +41 58 853 86 00

times of work

Monday to Wednesday 10 am to 7 pm Thursday and Friday 10 am to 9 pm Saturday 9 am to 7 pm1581206799 872 The outlet is in Zurich ... the cheapest prices and - The outlet is in Zurich ... the cheapest prices and the finest brands

FoxTown Mendrisio

FoxTown is the second largest outlet in the region surrounding Mendrisio, which is near the Swiss-italyn border. The port consists of two main buildings, each of which are divided into three suites with a total of 160 stores. Winter begins two weeks early than other European outlets. The portal also includes more than 30 stores that display international brands for children only, in addition to shops specialized in providing extraordinary large size clothing. Read also: The most famous markets in Switzerland Or the euro as well as credit cards. The port provides all international brands at cheap competitive prices such as (Adidas, Agnona, Alberto Guardiani, Alviero Martini, Arc’Teryx, Armani, Aubade, Bagatt, Baldinini, Bally, Bassetti, Bimbus, Blitz, Blumarine, Boggi , Borbonese, Boxeur des rues, Bric’s, Brooks Brothers, Brums) and dozens more.


Via Angelo Maspoli 18, CH-6850 MendrisioSwitzerlandPhone: +41 848 828 888

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times of work

From Sunday to Monday, from 7 in the morning until 11 in the evening


Landquart port for sale in Switzerland offers low price offers ranging from 30-70% to more than 160 international brands. Landquart port is well known among the outlet group in Zurich that it includes a wide selection of high-end brands such as (Hugo Boss, Max Mara) ) To more popular brands such as (Nike, Puma). The outlet includes more than 70 stores that open seven days a week.


Tardisstrasse 20, 7302 LandquartTel: +41 81 300 02 901581206799 763 The outlet is in Zurich ... the cheapest prices and - The outlet is in Zurich ... the cheapest prices and the finest brands

Fashion Fish

The Fashion Fish outlet offers the latest international brands with very cheap prices almost up to the factory price. The port includes about 30 shops at the highest level offering international brands up to 100 different names. Fashion Fish outlet is famous for selling shoes and leather products in general with the rest of the exhibits Other clothes, perfumes, etc. Read also: The most popular tourist place in Zurich


Bally Areal, Parkstrasse 1, 5012 SchönenwerdTel: +41 62 858 21 21

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Airside Center

The outlets in Zurich are not limited to the city’s malls, but a visitor to Switzerland can start shopping from the airport as well. The shopping center at Zurich Airport includes more than 60 stores that are only allowed for travelers. The biggest advantage of the Airside Center is that it provides travelers with all kinds of purchases Literally, whether you are looking for Swiss watches, souvenirs and the latest fashion, or the famous Swiss chocolate, all of them are available at reasonable prices.

times of work

The Airside Center Mall or the duty-free shop at Zurich Airport opens its doors daily for travelers from six in the morning until ten in the night.


Glatt Mall is perhaps the most popular outlet in Zurich with its vast area of ​​43,000 square meters !! The mall includes about 100 shops that display the products of the most famous brands such as (Apple) and (Zara) and others. Several trains, including (S3-S9-S12) to Stettbach Station, including a tram ride 12, which stops at the mall.

times of work

The mall is open from nine in the morning until eight in the evening every day except Sunday.

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