The Palm Island project in Dubai

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The city of Dubai

Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, is located on a small creek in the northeastern part of it, and more than nine-tenths of the population of the emirate lives in the capital and its adjacent areas. It is also surrounded by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi on the southern and western sides and the Emirate of Sharjah on the eastern side and the northeastern side,
Dubai also owns the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, and distinctive shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall, and hotels known as luxury like Burj Al Arab, and has the largest shopping center for goldsmiths in the world.

The Palm Island project in Dubai

Dubai is the largest artificial island in the world, in addition to that it is one of the most beautiful attractions and tourism, and it was built by a real estate development company in the United Arab Emirates which is Nakheel Real Estate Company, and the main objective of it is the will of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to improve Tourism in Dubai, and the Palm Islands in Dubai extend across the coast of the Arabian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates and will have 520 km of beaches in it. The Palm Island project includes the establishment of three islands: Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, and each island will be built in the form of a palm tree, And they will have a wide range of centers Multiple services, such as: residential and entertainment centers.

Palm Jumeirah

The Palm Jumeirah was built in the early twenty-first century and was funded to a large extent from Dubai’s income that it brings from petroleum. The main parts of the Palm Jumeirah are known as the main parts of the palm tree: the trunk, the spine, the fronds, and the crescent. There is another bridge connecting the trunk to the spine, which is made up of a narrow central axis of 17 fronds, and the crescent is the hole that surrounds the other parts, and it is divided into three sections to facilitate the places in the sea, the first section is the vehicle tunnel that connects the spine with a crescent, and a transit corridor It extends about 4.8 km from mainland Lissy to Crescent, which is connected to him through the spine and trunk, has been created at least 560 hectares of new land.
The Hillman Hurley Charcot Peacock Company laid the master plan for the Palm Jumeirah project, which is an American architectural company, under the supervision of Nakheel, a real estate company owned by the government of Dubai, and the basis in the manufacture of these islands was dry sand shipped from the lands of the Arabian Gulf, and it should be noted that the side of The crescent moon, which is exposed to the open sea with stones and rocks from the mainland, and in 2001 the actual start of the establishment of this island began. The beginning was the establishment of lands and basic infrastructure in 2004 AD. Various buildings were built in 2006 AD, and it was recorded that the first to inhabit this island In the year 2007 AD, contains c Palm Islands are located on many apartments and various facilities for trade and sale and for a few hotels, and there are many villas with spaced distances near the long wall, and in the Hilal part most hotels and resorts are located, and in the second decade of the twenty-first century, what lives At least 10,000 people in Palm Jumeirah, and Palm Jumeirah was intended to be the first three marine developments of a similar nature in Dubai.

Deira Palm

Palm Deira is another project from the Nakheel Group, and it was initially decided that Deira Island would be part of the Palm Islands in the Emirate of Dubai, but now it is planned to launch the first major project on this island during the first quarter of 2020, and the islands will accommodate about 250,000 A person and many luxury hotels, apartments, multi-purpose buildings and moorings in addition to restaurants and cafes that are part of the Palm Islands project, and a large commercial complex will be established in Deira Mall on an area of ​​745,000.

Mount on

The Palm Jebel Ali project is one of the other major projects in Dubai that will increase the area of ​​the area by 50% from the Palm Jumeirah island, and the main features of the Jebel Ali Palm have become clear that it is a water park with pathways that surround the island in the form of palm trees, in addition to moorings, and will contain many Of the luxurious and exquisite homes, the first projects on these islands in Dubai are scheduled to be completed by 2021 AD.

The impact of the Palm Island project on the environment

The artificial islands are said to have some of the negative effects that will harm the region. The construction of the islands has led to erosion of coastal soils in Dubai and a change in the patterns of sea waves and their various sediments, in addition to many future damages that scientists predicted in various environmental issues. The sea was buried to the death of many coastal marine animals and the suffocation of life under the sea. Marine plants have suffered a great deal due to the decrease in the amount of sunlight reaching the surface of the water. The rock walls erected around the Palm Islands also affected the wave pattern in the sea, in addition to that the islands are somewhat unsafe, and some reports published in official and international newspapers have stated that some of the islands made in Dubai may shrink and sink due to the high water level The sea caused by climate change, especially in the islands of the world, yet there are contradictory reports claiming that this is not the case.


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The Palm Island project


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