In detail, find out the price of the Safari Park ticket, Dubai, Dubai at the moment is considered one of the most famous tourist cities in the world, which many people flock around the world, and there are many and many tourist areas, gardens, cafes, restaurants and other tourist places that attract a large number of tourists in The world, and today, we will show you the website of Arab travelers on one of the most famous places in Dubai, a safari park.

Safari Park Dubai ticket price:

The Safari Park is one of the most important tourist places that Dubai enjoys, and it is considered one of the most recent leisure destinations in the charming city, where many tourists spend the most enjoyable and dazzling times in that park, they enjoy a lot of wildlife As the Park Dubai Gate opened its doors to visitors on the 12th of December 2020, the boundary receives more than 11,000 people per day.
This park has been built on 120 hectares of the continents of the world, and is also being built around one billion dirhams, as this park includes many different animals that have been collected from different countries and there are more than 2500 types of different animals.

An appropriate atmosphere was also provided for the animals to live there, as the park was opened to 4 villages, and Park Dubai is known to consist of 4 villages next to the valley, and the four villages are:

  • The African Village.
  • And the Asian village.
  • And the Arab safari village.
  • And the embassy village.

Where there are many different activities and permanent activities that many people love to practice throughout the day, where one of the most remarkable activities that you can do is to watch all the animals closely, and they can also enjoy feeding them directly, where some animals can be fed only, but not all of them. Animals allowed to be fed in Safari Park:

  • Like giraffes.
  • And the elephant.
  • And monkeys.
  • And ducks.
  • Geese and other pets.
  • As for predators, they cannot be approached.

Where there are many other places in Safari Park Dubai, and many other activities that can be practiced, and quiet places that can be relaxed, as there are many cafes, cafes and restaurants that display a lot of Western and eastern foods, different drinks, and amusement parks for each of Children and adults, and there is a full service facility that many visitors care about.
There are many, many other activities that make Safari Park a great tourist place for family walks, because of its beautiful nature, great views, and fun to play with children and watch animals.

Dubai Safari Park prices:

The prices for a safari park differ from adults to young people, where the price of the park ticket for children is only 30 dirhams, while for adults 85, the prices include all age levels, and it is also possible to travel around the four villages, but for children under three years, they do not have entry fees The park is free to enter, as well as free admission for adults over 60 years of age.
Where the dates of the visit in the park start from nine in the morning until five in the evening, and this is alongside that the day of official holidays is intended for families only, and is opened throughout the day, where you can enjoy all that it contains at any time throughout the day with friends and family, and there is Many factors that attract tourists to it in great proportions throughout the day.

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