The pyramid of Khufu rises

المسافرون العرب

The pyramid of Khufu rises

On the Giza plateau in Egypt, the prominent pyramid of Khufu is located, and it is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, due to its wonderful engineering design. For three thousand years, and that until the Eiffel Tower was able to steal from it the title of the highest building in the world, as some historians point out that the Lincoln Cathedral building that was built in England has outperformed the pyramid of Khufu before the Eiffel Tower, and it is worth noting that it is launched On a god M is called the Great Pyramid, because it occupies an area of ​​thirteen acres (an estimated 0.053 km2), knowing that it was used in its construction about 2.3 million pieces of large, heavy stones whose average weight is equal to 2.5 tons, while the weight of The heaviest of it reaches fifteen tons.

Building the pyramid of Khufu

The pyramid of Khufu was built to be the tomb of one of the ancient pharaohs of Egypt, and it is Khufu who is considered the second king of the fourth family in the Egyptian civilization, where the first Pharaoh was commanded to build a pyramid, to be a shrine for him after his death, and the construction of the pyramid was one of the most important things that healed To set several hypotheses to explain how it was constructed, and among the most recommended theories is that the Egyptians cut stones from the eastern bank of the Nile, and transported them across the river using the sleigh, as for the construction of the pyramid, they used a huge dirt slope raised through me There are stones to the top, and the stone is fixed in its place, then the construction of a higher slope; to reach the required height, and after the completion of the pyramid construction, and its coverage with limestone, these slopes are gradually removed, and it is worth noting that the number of years that the pyramid needs to be completed until the pyramid is completed to complete the pyramid Thirty years.

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Describe the pyramid of Khufu

The door of the pyramid of Khufu is located on the north side, eighteen meters high, which in turn takes the visitor through an internal passage in a sloping direction that slits the rocky soil on which the pyramid rests until it reaches a room below it. It has the name (Queen’s Chamber), or takes another ascending passageway that is designed to be a sloping gallery of forty-six meters, and from this exhibition the visitor arrives through a narrow passageway to the burial chamber, or what is called the (King’s Chamber) h and is a luxurious room Covered with granite, above five compartments separated from each other and go up by slabs of granite, it has devoted two columns too narrow stretching from the room to the outside of the pyramid; for religious purposes, or for ventilation.

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