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Great Wall of China

It is a huge fortress built in ancient China, and it is the largest building that was completed at that time, and the fence consists of many walls that were built in parallel in northern China and southern Mongolia for two thousand years, and extends for a distance of 5500 km from east to west through a mountain is near From Dandong, southeastern Liaoning Province, to the Jiayu Pass northwest of Gansu Province, a quarter of the length of the Great Wall consists of natural barriers such as rivers and mountainous hills, and 70% of it is an actual wall interspersed with some trenches. Currently, long sections of the wall suffer from ruin or disappearance. Nevertheless, the Great Wall of China remains one of the most striking buildings on earth.

The reason for building the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China was built with the aim of protecting and defending China against the invasions of the Huns, Mongols and other tribes, and it began construction in the seventh century BC and took hundreds of years to complete it, and it is the tallest man-made structure in the world; it is 4160 miles long, and it is also the only one that can See it from space.

History of the construction of the Great Wall of China

The construction of the first group of the Great Wall of China began with stones and wooden panels during the Qin Dynasty which lasted from 221 to 206 BC, with the aim of preventing the nomadic Mongols from entering China, and after that some modifications were made to it, but in practice the modern construction of the wall began during the Ming Dynasty That lasted from 1388 to 1644 AD, and because of the construction of the walled fence could not prevent the Mongols from entering China, and the legend of the Great Wall of China grew in the seventeenth century due to the growth of Western tourism to the wall, it was rebuilt in the twentieth century, and became a World Heritage site in 1987 AD.

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