The Seven Wonders of the World

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Wonders of the World

There have been many successive civilizations over the ages, which left behind a number of great historical monuments indicating the greatness, art and mastery of their owners. Therefore, some of their names were recorded in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World by historian Herodotus and researcher Climachus, and they chose to carry the number seven, because the number seven has The Greeks denotes perfection and abundance, so in this article we have chosen to talk about the ancient and modern Seven Wonders of the World.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World:

  • The pyramids of Giza in Egypt; they are the tombs of the ancient pharaohs, whose construction dates back to about 2690 BC, and they are three pyramids: the first of the pharaoh Khufu and reaches a height of 147 meters, the second of the pharaoh Khafra and has a height of about 136 meters, and the third of the pharaoh Menkaure and its height reaches 62 Meters.
  • Helios Rhodes, one of the most famous ancient statues made of iron-reinforced bronze, was built in 280 BC in ancient Greece on the island of Rhodes, and reaches a height of 32 meters, and was destroyed by an earthquake in 227 BC.
  • The lighthouse of Alexandria was established by Ptolemy II, and the ancient Egyptians used it as a center to warn ships passing by setting fire to them, and they were destroyed by an earthquake in 1375 AD.
  • Halicarnassus Mausoleum; Artemis, the Queen of Curry, decided to create a huge tomb for her deceased husband, Mosulos and her brother. This mausoleum was built by the most famous Greek architects, reaching a height of 42 meters, and at the top of the mausoleum is a statue of the deceased king and his wife in a cart pulled by four horses.
  • The statue of Zeus, built in Olympia in Greece by Phidias, was made of ivory and gold, reaching a height of 15 meters, and was considered the Lord of the gods of the ancient Greeks, and was destroyed in a huge fire and left no trace.
  • Diana Parvusus Temple; built by the king of Lydia in Asia Minor in Turkey, and destroyed as a result of burning by Aerostrat the same night that Alexander the Great was born, and was restored in 350 BC; but what was soon destroyed by the Goths attack on it, and some of the Its ruins are in the British Museum.
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon; the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II ordered the construction of Hanging Gardens of Babylon to satisfy his wife Ambibhia, who was unable to live in the hills of Persia, where the beautiful greenery and gardens were built on the banks of the Euphrates River in Iraq, and it contained eight gates, the most important of which was the huge Ishtar Gate.

Modern Seven Wonders of the World

Modern Seven Wonders of the World:

  • Chichen Itza Pyramid in Mexico.
  • Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil.
  • The Great Wall of China in China.
  • Machu Picchu’s old city in Peru.
  • Petra (The Pink City) in Jordan.
  • The Colosseum in Italy.
  • Taj Mahal in India.


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