Learn about the size of the bag allowed in Saudi Airlines, inch, many people, especially people who want to travel through Saudi Airlines, are looking for knowledge of the size of the bag allowed for them to travel without consequences or problems, and the size of the bag and its weight varies according to the company as each airline Its policy regarding the permitted bag size and its weight, as well as the type of prohibited items.
But in general, the Saudi airlines are the most generous and generous companies regarding the size of the baggage and its weight due to its location and the nature of it, but we will address in this article the size of the bag allowed in Saudi Airlines, per inch according to each grade.

The size of the bag allowed in Saudi Airlines in inches:

1- First, the permitted bag size for domestic flights:

  • Regular hospitality passengers are allowed to carry one bag with a weight of no more than 25 kilograms, but people traveling in first class or businessmen are allowed to carry two bags of 25 kilograms per bag which is 50 kg.
  • As for the permissible dimensions of the bag, Saudi Airlines does not allow any passenger to carry a bag with a dimension of more than 205 cm, and that dimension is calculated by length, width and height, but there is one exception on Saudi Airlines which is traveling to the United States of America as this is Makes you carry a bag no larger than 157 cm in any way.
  • Failure to respect and implement this will expose you to a large fine.

2- The size and weight of the bag allowed on foreign trips:

If you are going to travel outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and go to one of the foreign countries, the matter here is different, as you will be able to gain additional weight according to the following:

  • Economy class (regular hospitality class): You are allowed to weigh 32 kilograms in one piece or one bag.
  • First and Business Class: You are allowed two bags, but the weight of one bag does not exceed 32 kilograms, meaning that the total weight is 64 kilograms.
  • As for the people who belong to the Saudi Airlines loyalty program or SkyTeam program, or the Elite Plus program, these people are available to take advantage of another weight of only about 23 kilograms.

Handbags allowed in Saudi Airlines:

  • First, the allowable bags in the economy class: People who travel in economy or economic classes are allowed to carry one handbag with a weight of no more than 7 kilograms, and with dimensions not exceeding 126 cm. As for the size of these dimensions, it must be 65 x 45 x 25 at most, including the bag for carrying your laptop.
  • Bags allowed by Saudi Airlines in the first class and businessmen, they are allowed to carry a pulled handbag or a 9 kg clothes bag but with certain dimensions and these dimensions should not exceed 126 cm, such as length 10, width 18, height 22, but in terms of The thickness should be 11 cm at most.
  • As for the other advantages that are allowed for people in this degree is the possibility of carrying another bag for papers.
  • As for when a person wants to travel to the United States or travel to Canada via Saudi Arabian Airlines, the passenger cannot carry more than a bag with a weight of 7.25 and dimensions not exceeding 114 cm, but the passenger is allowed to carry with him glasses pouch, a small camera, a handbag for women, a bag For babies, a stroller for infants but it should be foldable as it is placed in the top shelves of the bird.
  • As for people with special needs and those who can sit can take their wheelchair and place it inside the cabinet, and the papers and phones are well checked if you are traveling to the United States and Britain or are returning from them so you must make sure that your phone battery is fully charged otherwise you will It is confiscated from you.
  • The baby also has the right to take a 10 kg bag.

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