What is the story of the sleeping lion statue? What is the reason for his sad picture? What is the origin of this image and its original place? Here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

The story of the sleeping lion statue:

  • Lucerne is the most beautiful place to visit in Switzerland, and if you want to live this unique experience, you must first think about the story of the people’s life and history, and this also includes the problems and tragedies that they suffered, which are embodied in the form of a sleeping lion statue.
  • You will find a sleeping lion statue that looks very injured everywhere in Switzerland, and you will find it in the form of paper scraps and in the form of small statues, so what is the story behind it? What is the reason for the wounds he experienced?

The wounded sleeping lion:

  • This famous statue in Lucerne is called Lowendenkmal, and it was created to serve as a symbol to mark the memory of Swiss soldiers, who were killed for the defense of France’s royal family during the French Revolution that was in Paris at the time, when the French used the people of Lucerne In confronting the revolutionaries and in defending the French royal palace, many of the city’s residents and residents have been tragically and very sad.
  • When the king felt in France that the advice would be achieved for the French revolution, he decided to surrender, but this unwise decision was lost by the people of the city of Lucerne, where the unjust king ordered the poor soldiers to lay down their weapons after the fierce battle between them and the revolutionaries in France.
  • The soldiers carried out the orders of the king, but this resulted in them being killed very sadly at the hands of these French revolutionaries as a massacre of the Lucerne people occurred that history cannot forget its wounds to this day.
  • This painful massacre caused many wounds to Lucerne citizens, in every home there is someone who lost someone he loves or someone close to him or someone he knows and that is the reason for their decision to start sculpting the wounded lion statue.

The design of the wounded lion statue:

  • It is a very impressive artifact, as it was made with great accuracy and with great sadness, as soon as you see this strong and powerful lion with excellent physical strength and is wounded in a manner that expresses all the meanings of sadness and sorrow.
  • The statue was made to have its mouth open, as this would be the expression of its last breath that it uttered in the intense battle that ended in its death due to a decision it had not taken, a war that it would not have waged and circumstances in which it did not place itself voluntarily.
  • From the first look at the wounded sleeping lion, you will feel that the eyes want answers to the questions that revolve in his mind about all the circumstances that he passes through, and how he ended up so easily as she looks at the unknown fate that was placed in him, before he closes his eyelids in the end, hoping that his people They remember him all the time because he will go on forever.

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