Attending carnivals tourism festivals around the world is one of the most important activities that tourists are keen to take on their foreign trips, as these festivals, in addition to being a joyful occasion, are a wonderful opportunity to learn about the culture and civilization of peoples.

The strangest tourist festivals around the world

There are many festivals and carnivals that have wide international fame, but the list of the strangest tourist festivals remains the preserve of this list: –

Holly Festival – India

The festival “Holi” or “Festival of Colors” as it is called one of the most famous tourist activities during the month of March in India, where the carnival lasts for several days in all cities of the country. The idea of ​​the festival is to organize a “marathon” to run in the streets and roads with tossing colored powders of the sky that bounce In turn, the bodies of the participants turn everyone into a delightful mass of colors. songkran-1

Songkran Festival – Thailand

The world is witnessing tumultuous celebrations of the coming of the new year, in which fireworks are launched and everyone remains in the streets for the first morning hours despite the cold weather, but the matter in Thailand is completely different !! On the one hand, the new year begins in Thailand in April, when the country adopts its own calendar that precedes the calendar Gregorian years ago, on the other hand, the rituals of celebrating the “Songkran” festival depend on special activities such as water fighting, which locals believe purifies them in preparation for the new year, while tourists find it an opportunity to relieve the heat.fiesta_de_san_fermin_2014_nick_gammon-2

“Running from the bulls” festival – Spain

Perhaps the bull run festival that takes place in Spain every year is preceded by a bad reputation for being a dangerous or violent festival, although in reality it is not! The San Fermin festival has existed for several centuries in Spain in the same traditional way in which raging bulls are launched behind tens of thousands Of the participants in the festival, and over hundreds of years, only 16 deaths were recorded. The “Running from the bulls” festival in Spain is one of the strangest and most attended tourism festivals around the world. The festival last year recorded more than a million people.mud-festival

Mud Festival – South Korea

Since the first launch of the mud festival in the city of “Buryong” in 1998 AD, the festival attracts millions of tourists annually to participate in the strange and various activities that take place in the city. The main activity in the “mud festival” is swimming in mud ponds specially prepared for this purpose and that promotes the companies supporting the festival to It has medicinal benefits in addition to being a recreational activity of the first order. Several other activities are held on the sidelines of the festival, including: wrestling in mud pools, water yachting competitions, loud musical marches and others.Tourist festivals around the worldSONY DSC

Chinese New Year Festival – China

One of the strangest tourism festivals around the world, and perhaps the longest of them, as the celebration of the Chinese New Year, which corresponds to “February” every year, lasts for 15 days. The “Chinese New Year Festival” is associated with the sacred red color especially for the Chinese, so they are keen to wear red clothes throughout The period of festivities, they also give gifts and money to children in red envelopes as well, and in the end they launch red fireworks and carry red lights in temples. The most prominent scene in the “Chinese New Year Festival” celebrations of the giant dragon dance that is several feet long and is made of silk and Paper and bamboo.

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