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Venice is the sweetest city in the world

Venice is known as the language of the Venetian people of Venice, which is a city located in northern Italy, which is the capital of the Veneto region, and the capital of the Province of Venice, and is the largest city in the region in terms of area and population, with an estimated population of 271 thousand people, and it consists of two separate parts, namely : The land area and Mestre, and the middle that contains the lake in the middle, which made it the sweetest city in the world.

The description of the gun

The city consists of several islands connected to each other by bridges, and it overlooks the Adriatic Sea, and it is considered one of the most important and most beautiful italyn cities due to its historical buildings, most of which date back to the Renaissance in Italy, in addition to its multiple water channels, which makes it the most beautiful on Worldwide, the city is also located on an area of ​​four square kilometers of land, and extends over 118 islands, which makes it distinct, and it must be noted that it is divided into six provinces, namely: Balerino, Rovigo, Padua and Venice, Vicenza and Verona.

The climate of Venice

Venice’s climate is known for its kindness and beauty, as the lowest temperature in the winter is 3 ° C, while the highest temperature during summer is 24 ° C, and it must be noted that the rains reach their maximum precipitation in the spring and autumn Also, it is punctuated by many frequent storms. As for snow, it does not accumulate and melts quickly.

Venice’s monuments and historical places

  • San Marco Square: It is the only historical center that is called the word square, although the other square is called the square.
  • San Marco Church: The church is located in the middle of the square, and it is gold-plated, covered with mosaics, in addition to the carvings inscribed on it that display the names of the months. The Fourth Crusade, also showing the Greek cross.
  • Doukkala Palace: It is located next to the church, and connects it to a gate called Carta, which was built by the sculptor and engineer Bartolomeumo Bono, and this gate is considered the exit gate from the palace, while the entrance gate overlooks the lake on the other side, knowing that the church bells are located in front of the palace as beacons for sailors.

Arts in Venice

Venice is famous for operatic and historical music, which has made it the most romantic city in the world, the most perfect, and the place to spend honeymoon, which has made many call it the city of lovers, or the lover’s kiss.

The language and culture of Venice

The italyn language is the official language in Venice, and the Christian Catholic religion is the most prevalent religion in the city, in addition to the minorities of Protestants, Jews and Muslims, and it must be noted that the euro is the most widely used currency.

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