The sweetest islands of the world

المسافرون العرب

an introduction

The land contains many charming and attractive places that are tourist attractions for all those who want to visit such places, and the desires of people differ in the direction of different places, some may see in the deserts attractive places, and some may be admired in the mountains, and there are some who appeal to the beaches and seas, and there He loves to spend his vacation in the plain or countryside, but the most important thing is that each of these areas has a distinctive advantage over the other regions. Each region is beautiful, with its nature and scenery.

Among the most prominent places that meet a large tourist demand among people and people of all kinds at all are the islands, and the islands scattered in various regions of the world, and is characterized by great beauty, tremendous natural richness, and here are some of the most beautiful international islands.

The most beautiful islands of the world

Big Island

This island is located in Hawaii, and an area of ​​about one thousand square kilometers, and is characterized by the beauty of its beaches, in addition to its lava tonight, and it is one of the most beautiful places that families can visit and spend the best times. This island contains important and varied tourism facilities, and one of the most famous features of this city is its climate diversity, as it has sandy beaches in many colors.

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Island Barrier Reef

This island is located in the state of Australia, and it is famous for the presence of many different coral reefs, which number about three thousand species, as it is characterized by the presence of a very large number of wonderful marine creatures that are present in it, hence the idea of ​​spending a period of time in this region It will never be bad.

Moorea Island

This island is located in the French Polynesia, which is known as the French Overseas Group, and one of the most prominent features of this wonderful island is the large number of wonderful lakes that exist in it, which gives it a very wonderful luster, which made it a great place for honeymooning.

Bora Bora Island

This island is also located in French Polynesia, and it is one of the most beautiful and best tropical islands at all, as it is characterized by coconut trees, in addition to that it is a place of presence of black pearl love, which is one of the rare gems, and it is also an important tourist destination because of what it offers It is a wonderful tourist services for tourists and visitors, as its tourism services are considered the best in the world at all.

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the moldive Islands

These islands are considered one of the most islands that provide tranquility and comfort to all their visitors, as they contain many picturesque and attractive tourist facilities, in addition to being famous for the beauty of their waters, and it also has the advantage that the islands surface is almost two meters above the surface of the water, which made it from its people to be one of The best places to stay in tourist resorts at all.

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