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The sweetest tourist country

With the advent of the summer and holidays season, many people prepare to take a long vacation to travel to one of the beautiful countries to enjoy the breathtaking nature, and spend an unforgettable fun time, to get away from work and the many concerns of life, and the confusion begins in choosing this tourist destination. Tourist destination to spend a wonderful trip. Among these countries are the following:


It is one of the most beautiful independent African countries for more than 50 years, and the stable that deserves to be visited; it has been evaluated by the Lonely Planet site; that it is one of the unique tourist sites, it can go to spend an unforgettable safari trip, watching many different types of animals, and camping And watching the many types of plants and trees and wildlife experience.


Attended by tourists who are always looking for renewal and new and different experiences, Japan has been classified as the second tourist destination that deserves to be visited within the world classification, so many annual festivals are held, especially in Tokyo, and the Olympic Games, in addition to the fun of markets Lots of great tools, new industries, old houses watching and how to build them, wearing old Japanese clothes, and eating the tastiest food dishes especially sushi and rice.


America contains many international parks and hiking places, such as the Disneyland and hundreds of historical and national sites, such as Yosemite Park and Yellowstone Park, which contains many picturesque natural scenery, and swamps, and can visit many hot waterfalls, and ablaze many sites America, eat many delicious food dishes, enjoy its dazzling sandy beaches, fishing, and surfing.

Island of Palau

It is one of the most amazing islands in the world, providing tourists with the opportunity to see wild and marine life, watching fish and marine animals and corals, coral reefs and scuba diving, and watching many rare marine creatures and fishing.


There are many important tourist places in Australia, so you can walk through its streets, and see the architecture in the construction of many sites and buildings, and visit many natural reserves, the barrier and Tasmanian Island, and many other islands and various places of entertainment.


It is one of the tourist destinations that deserve to be explored because of its breathtaking views and impressive buildings in architecture, a visit to Krakow and Chichen and many European cultural places, and rides small boats in a romantic atmosphere, watching many musical and singing ceremonies, and eating many food Spread out in the popular neighborhoods.

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