The three most beautiful mountain destinations in Jizan

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Jizan is the administrative capital of the Jizan region located in the far southwest of Saudi Arabia, as it is located west of the region on the coast of the Red Sea opposite the eastern shores of Africa, and there is the port of Jizan located between latitude 16 54 north, and longitude 42 32 east; it is one of the Saudi ports Located on the Red Sea, in which King Abdullah Regional Airport is located in the city of Jizan, which is about 3 km from the city center, and it is important in serving travelers at the airport from all Saudi and Gulf airlines, as it improved its commercial relations with the continent of Africa,

Jazan borders

It is bordered by the province of Sabya, to the east by the province of Damad, and to the south by the governorates of Ahad al-Masarha and Sametah, and its population is more than 1,365,110 people, known as its moderate climate, and in this article we will introduce you to the three most beautiful mountainous destinations in Jizan.

The three most beautiful mountain destinations in Jizan

Viva Mountain

It is a huge mountain chain covered with olive trees, coffee, and many forest trees, and this mountain chain is known for its roughness, which requires caution when climbing and walking in it, but it has a number of residents.

Al-Munajjid Mountain

It is less dangerous compared to Mount Viva, because of its scarcity and roughness, and it is characterized by its green agricultural terraces, which makes it rich in wildlife.

Al-Reith Mountain

It is one of the huge mountains, and it is distinguished by its annexation of a famous valley, known as Wadi Ljab, in which clear waterfalls and torrents are formed, which increased the beauty of its scenic natural scenes.

Jazan Landmarks

  • Dossarya Castle: Al-Dosarya Castle is located in the middle of Jizan City, on a mountain overlooking the Red Sea at the top of Jizan Mountain, and at an altitude of 150 meters above the sea level.
  • Salt Mountain: Salt Mountain has many fossils.
  • Tax Tax: It is a forest in a large yard in the Al-Habal neighborhood in the middle of Jizan city, and is used to sell all used furniture, household items, etc., and this name was called because the forest contained a large amount of salt, as people were hitting the ground to extract it, and hitting salt in order to break it.
  • Jazan Refinery: It contributed to creating 1000 jobs and 4000 indirect jobs, which made it a major destination for internal investment. The importance of the refinery lies in providing refined petroleum products and exporting the surplus of them to the outside world.

Jazan Winter Festival

It is a tourist festival that takes place in the winter, during which many theatrical performances, events, programs and activities are held in order to highlight the heritage of the popular region, and present it as a tourist product for different regions of the world.


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