The city of Al-Kharj contains the most beautiful places of tourism in Saudi Arabia, as it is characterized by its mild atmosphere and pure air, and attracts the largest number of tourists due to the availability of its charming nature, such as valleys, plains and warm water eyes.
Al-Seeh city is considered one of the most important cities in Al-Kharj, as it contains administrative and vital centers in it. It also includes a large number of Al-Kharj parks that give visitors more pleasure and pleasure.

The best apartments of Al-Kharj

Al-Kharj city is distinguished by a number of hotel apartments that offer a lot of entertainment, services and luxurious facilities. Learn about the best apartments of Al-Kharj that have won the approval of Arab visitors .. Read more

Al-Kharj hotels

The best parks of Al-Kharj

The city of Al-Kharj has many parks where people go for walks and entertainment away from the hustle and bustle of life and clear their minds to return to their normal lives once again in psychological comfort.
And some of Al-Kharj parks contain many hotel suites, so these parks become places to stay and hike at the same time, and here are the 5 best of Al-Kharj parks that are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Al-Kharj

Al-Baijan Park

Among the most beautiful parks of Al-Kharj, which adds an atmosphere of fun and happiness to those who visit it, it is a park full of games that suit all categories and also has wonderful water games, and also contains a number of animals that you can take memorial photos with it .. Read more

Al-Kharj parks in Saudi Arabia


It is considered one of the coolest gardens of Al-Kharj, which includes many types of wild and predatory animals, and it has a hall dedicated to reptiles, and there are a number of colorful birds, and the garden is characterized by its mountain decorations. In the middle of it there are a group of rocks surrounded by water from all directions. The palm trees are in a pleasant view .. Read more

Saudi Kharj Gardens

Al Hanakiyah Theme Park

One of the best parks of Al-Kharj that works to change the mood of the visitors greatly, providing them with the best amenities and entertainment, so there are many games that suit adults and children, and it offers a distinctive theater in which many parties are made by artists and cartoon brides, and you can also ride horses with it. .
There is also an endless number of activities within Al-Hanakiya Park, especially in the summer, and you can enjoy the green lands cultivated by it, and it includes many chalets that you can stay in to enjoy the park at the time you specify, and you can eat grilled meat chalets where there is a grill in each chalet.

times of work
All days of the week from 13:30 PM to 2:00 AM.

Al-Kharj parks in Saudi Arabia

Al Mashtal Park

Among the most famous parks of Al-Kharj, which provide a lot of joy and entertainment, it has a wonderful collection of dinosaurs scattered in the park, and visitors can take memorial photos next to it, and there are a number of cafes that offer a wonderful coffee drink and a group of restaurants that are dedicated to providing fast food for visitors. It has open-air meetings and has a number of fun children’s games.
times of work
All days of the week from 16:00 PM to 24:00 PM.

Al-Kharj parks

King Abdulaziz Park

Among the most beautiful gardens in Al-Kharj, Saudi Arabia, where trees and green plants are spread, and there are many children’s games that they enjoy, and you can take your family with you to spend a day full of relaxation, psychological calm, and clear mind, and there are many places that are allowed to sit on.
The park is open 24 hours.

Al-Kharj Gardens

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