The tourist city of Agadir

المسافرون العرب

The city of Agadir

The city of Agadir is located in the southwestern side of the Kingdom of Morocco, specifically 508 km from the capital, overlooking the Atlantic coast with an altitude of approximately 56 meters, equivalent to 182 feet, and a population of approximately 200,000 people, and their number reaches 1,000,000 Nesma when adding the inhabitants of the city and its dependencies. This city was founded by the Portuguese one thousand five hundred AD, then the Moroccans liberated it in the year one thousand five hundred and twenty six AD.

the climate

The city of Agadir has a semi-desert and Mediterranean climate at the same time, as temperatures stabilize around the twenties, while the annual thermal range is very similar to the thermal range of Nairobi, Kenya. Every year, there is a desert wind in the city of Agadir called the polytheism and causes high levels of temperature, reaching forty degrees Celsius, and in the year 2012 this city recorded the highest temperature, reaching 51.7.


This city occupies a distinctive tourist place, due to its location on the western coast of the Atlantic Ocean, its moderate and distinct weather, and its picturesque golden sands, which made it contain a lot of luxury hotels and resorts – which are distinguished by its distinctive Moroccan architecture – and open corridors towards the beach and health resorts that are considered The largest and most important in Morocco and the African continent, and specifically in the field of telescope, also made it a suitable place for practicing many activities in it, such as: golf, tennis and equestrian.

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Tourist places

  • Agadir Beach: This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Morocco, where various activities are offered, such as: quiet sunbathing on a promenade on the promenade, water sports of all kinds, horseback riding, and sitting in high-end restaurants and cafes.
  • Olhão Garden: It is called the Garden of Lovers, which is a romantic garden that attracts many visitors every year of all ages, and is characterized by its picturesque nature. There is also a museum next to it to commemorate the Agadir earthquake.
  • Valley of Birds: It is a mini garden that takes care of all kinds of birds and other animals and takes care of them, as it contains many varieties of birds and animals.
  • Coast of Hope: This coast is considered the most important coast in the city of Agadir, as many festivals are held, which made it an important area to attract tourists.
  • Agadir Ovla: It is a historical landmark that embodies the history and authenticity of the city, and is located in the northern side of it. It was founded in the year 1540 AD by Sultan Mohammed Sheikh Al-Saadi, with the aim of controlling the beating and fighting of the Portuguese.
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