The town of Khattab

المسافرون العرب

The town of Khattab

The town of Khattab is located on the west of the Orontes river in Syria, specifically in the governorate of Hama, and there is a bridge that allows transit to the eastern bank of the river, and it contains a lot of agricultural land; where the eastern side of the waters of the Orontes River is irrigated, and the western side is irrigated from the artesian wells, Among the waters of the Sarout dam, which is about three kilometers from the heart of the town, and the town’s most famous crops are peaches, potatoes, vegetables, and peaches.

Most of the town’s population of about twelve thousand people owes a debt to Islam, where there are several mosques, including: Khattab Al-Kabir Mosque, Al-Hassan Mosque, and Al-Islah Mosque.

reason of calling

The origin of the name of this town dates back to the name of the first one who inhabited it, which is the speech of Al-Hourani, more than five hundred years ago, when he was traveling when he passed from the town, and resided in it, then he started several works in it before his decision to settle, as the town was before the arrival of ruins of a ruin whose name was “Glenn” , Which was inhabited thousands of years ago.

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History of the town

The passage of the Orontes River from this town is considered a reason that made it a place for many of the people who inhabited it for several decades. This name means in the language of the dome, because the foot on which the town was built was facing the sun at sunrise.

Khirbet Glen was named after the effects of the place inhabited by the Arameans, and then the name of the town was changed to the town of Khattab, when a person named Khattab passed by about five hundred years ago, but during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and during the Ottoman rule and the French occuAl Bahahn the feudal system took possession of most of the lands In the village, especially the areas near the river and the valley, which made the movement difficult for the residents of those areas, where the houses were built next to each other, and this situation remained until the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-five, when the reform law was issued in which the government allowed the villagers to avoid Moving to the west side is easy.

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As for the current town, it was built with a modern urban plan, as new roads and paved roads were paved, and public services and facilities, such as public parks, were distributed to become today the most beautiful Syrian town.

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