The trip to Turkey

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Where is Turkey located?

Turkey is located in the Middle East region on lands from the Asian continent and other lands from the European continent, and Turkey is bordered by Iraq, Syria and the Mediterranean Sea on the south, Greece and Aegean and Bulgaria on the west, and Armenia and Iran on the east, and on the north it is bordered by both Georgia and the Black Sea.

The trip to Turkey

When thinking about a trip to one of the countries, the most beautiful country in its nature and the best in providing entertainment services to the visitor must be chosen, therefore it is always advisable to visit Turkey, which is distinguished by its high mountains, green nature, multiple lakes and its ancient heritage represented by antiques and archaeological sites, in addition to the presence of many resorts and high-end hotels in it.

Reasons for the large number of trips to Turkey

Among the reasons for frequent travel to Turkey:

  • The availability of wonderful and picturesque areas that relax the soul and give the visitor a feeling of relaxation.
  • The availability of treatment in many of its health centers, where medical tourism is available.
  • The convenience of hotel room rates and ticket prices, as they are not too expensive but also suitable for people with limited and middle income.
  • The large number of incentive programs to visit Turkey by the Ministry of Tourism in it, it always seeks to make appropriate offers to increase the number of visitors.

The most beautiful places in Turkey

When visiting Turkey it is necessary to see these places:

Yarpetan Palace

The palace is located in the Sultanahmet area and is one of the magnificent and distinctive palaces in its construction method, which are intertwined and colorful motifs and fine inscriptions. The palace was built by the Byzantines in the sixth century to serve as a fortress that protects them from the siege of Muslims to them.

Yildiz Park

The garden is located in Istanbul and is characterized by its green nature represented by trees and herbs in addition to the colorful flowers with a wonderful appearance, and there is a small lake in the garden containing a group of fish of beautiful colors and swimming with a lot of ducks, and the garden at the foot belonged to the famous Yildiz Palace, but now the garden has become a place that receives all visitors from all over the world.

Bridal Hill

It is a hill called also Shamliga, which overlooks the whole of Turkey with its Asian and European divisions, and the hill is distinguished by its greenness and look that relaxes the soul.

Princes’ Islands

It is a group of islands located in the Sea of ​​Marmara, which is affiliated with Istanbul, and it is one of the small islands but it nonetheless attracts many tourists to it in order to enjoy its green nature and its blue and beautiful beaches in these islands that are transported by air and motorcycles and vehicles with horses and cars are forbidden.

Belgrade forests

These forests are located in Istanbul with a large area of ​​5300 hectares, and it is characterized by its fresh air and refreshing activity that is suitable for exercising. There are also many trees and pets and a small lake where ducks flocks live.


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