Hohe Strasse is the oldest and most crowded street in Cologne, Germany, and is a popular tourist attraction in Cologne.
The street is for lovers of shopping and contains many brands of global and local clothing selling, from boutiques selling accessories, electronic parts and hand-made art pieces in addition to restaurants and cafes.

Activities you can do on Hoge Strasse

• You can start shopping in the most luxurious international stores such as Media Market, Mango Waziru and many other brands. You can also purchase lots of handcrafted pieces of art as souvenirs for you and your friends.

Hoch Strasse, Cologne, Germany

• After completing the fun of shopping in one of the most famous tourist streets in Germany, you can get a delicious meal from a restaurant.
You can find many Turkish restaurants that serve halal food on this street, or you can get snacks and drinks while watching the life on Hoge Strasse.

Hoch Strasse Street in Cologne, Germany

Cologne Germany hotels close to Hoge Strasse

Dorint am Homarkt Cologne is one of Germany’s best 5-star Cologne hotels, just a few steps away from the shopping street, Hoch Strasse
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got very good reviews in all respects, except for the car park some visitors complained about for an additional fee.
Hotel reservation
Zinzat Hotel Koln is one of the best 3-star hotels in Cologne, located on the Hog-Str. Shopping street
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Overall the hotel rated good.
Hotel reservation

The site of Hoge Strasse

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