Colors are one of the joys of life. Just looking at the colors changes the mood of the individual. Many pictures spread to the village of Iris in Indonesia. This colorful village. So it is time to go to that beautiful village in Southeast Asia. Semarang in Indonesia The village was one of the simple villages until it turned into a unique tourist attraction in Indonesia attracting a large tourist sector from all over the world for photography.

This small village is called Kampung Wonosari Kampung and Nosari 223 houses have been converted into a rainbow. It is the first place for festivals. Each village building is colored in no less than three colors. The drawings included 3D graphics. The colors were treated in a manner. Pantone treatment. The village was formed so that it would be suitable for tourist attraction, so a group of the Indonesian Builders Association in conjunction with the local residents of the village turned the village into a colorful village, until it became already the first in terms of tourist attractions and pictures on the famous Instagram site dedicated to taking pictures

Transforming the poor neighborhoods in Indonesia into famous neighborhoods of important social actions that contributed to enhancing income for these poor villages and led to a rise in the number of local and non-local tourists to the villages of the paragraph while encouraging investments and building restaurants and hotels thus expanding the income for these villages You can get to know this wonderful village through hashtag #kampungpelangi on Instagram to know it’s one of the truly picturesque places to visit and tourism in Indonesia.

If you are a fan of colors, do not miss to visit this beautiful village and see the beautiful drawings on all the walls of the houses in them. Some of these drawings were drawn by international artists as a kind of support for the people of the village, besides that the village, like other villages, contains tea plantations and rice, so you will enjoy the beauty of the colors And the beauty of greenery together and there are a number of popular restaurants serving Indonesian food in traditional ways served on the leaves of banana trees.

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