The wall of Acre

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It is considered one of the oldest and most prominent historical Palestinian cities, located on the eastern side of the Mediterranean coast, about one hundred and eighty kilometers to the northwestern side of it, and its area is estimated to be about thirteen and a half square kilometers, while its population has reached in the latest statistics For the year 2008 AD about forty six thousand people.

A brief history of Acre

It was established in the third millennium BC by the Canaanites specifically the Gershin, who made it a huge commercial center and named it Ako, meaning hot sand, and was occupied by the Phoenicians and the Greeks, the Romans, and the Persians, in addition to the Crusaders, and in the sixteenth year of immigration Muslims entered it led by Sharhabil bin Hasna, In the twentieth year Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan established a ship-making house in which the first ship was launched in the twenty-eighth year of migration. Historical events continued until Ahmad Pasha Al-Jazzar ruled in the year 1799 AD, when the revolution of Napoleon who arrived at it was stopped after he The occupation of Egypt, and despite its blockade for a long time, it failed to seize it and withdrew its armies and retreated. Currently, Acre is considered of great economic and commercial importance, as well as it contains a large number of monuments and archaeological sites that made it a great historical city, in which Khan Al-Amdan and Mosque The butcher, the white market, the German corridor, the pasha bath, and the fortified castle, as well as the wall of Acre, which we will talk about in some detail below.

The wall of Acre

One of the largest and greatest global historical walls because he was able to protect the city of Acre from many of the invasions and military attacks that tried to seize it, and the campaign of Napoleon Bonaparte is considered the most fierce and in spite of this that it failed, the wall surrounds the city and its length is about two thousand eight hundred and thirty five meters, It has a display in which children, for example, can play a sport ball with ease, particularly in the southeastern part of it, and it is climbed to its surface by means of broad corridors tiled in a certain way, and there are small watchtowers on the surface of the fence that overlook Acre as a whole, such as Iron Tower, and Karim Tower, And b C Sanjak and others, while outside it there is a trench with a very large width and a greater depth, and another external wall extends after the trench, so that these two fences are parallel from the eastern to the western side, while the trench is located between them, and was used during wars by opening the sea water until it filled it completely and thus The invaders cannot overtake it. Historical books indicate that the wall was built during the Greek period during the period of Alexander the Macedonian rule specifically, that is, in the last third of the fourth century BC, and he went through a group of various restorations and reforms through the following historical stages, and Islamic restorations are thousands It is lost in comparison to the rest, to be the strongest protection for Acacia in history since its construction to this day.


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