The World Island

المسافرون العرب

The World Island

The Emirates World Island project is known as a group of small artificial islands lined up in front of each other, forming an archipelago, where it was designed to take the shape of the continents of the world. Each island is a specific spot according to the geographical map of the world. The sea, and it is still under construction since the year two thousand and three AD until today.

Location and space

The island of the world is located on the Asian continent, and it is a project that is implemented in the waters of the Arabian Gulf, in the United Arab Emirates, and is specifically built off the coast of the city of Dubai, where this project is located in a marine area with a length of about nine kilometers, while its width is seven kilometers, and separates each Island from the other is a waterway that ranges from fifty to one hundred meters.

World Island Project

The idea of ​​the island of the world originally dates back to the year one thousand nine hundred births, to an article by the British geographer Machinder, who is a member of the Royal Geographical Society, and the title of the article was “Geographical factors in the historical process”, to be implemented after decades passed this idea, after its development in the Emirates .
Each of these islands of the world is called the country in which the geographical map is known according to its real location on the earth.
The World Island project comes on three hundred islands, and therefore it is considered the largest project in the world.
In building the island of the world, concrete or steel was not used. Rather, it worked on only thirty million tons of rock, and three million cubic meters of sand.
The cost of each island ranges between fifteen million US dollars and fifty US dollars, and as such is limited to luxury properties, and therefore is the focus of attention and attention of the world’s rich and famous. Some of the islands are subject to drowning in sea water, and therefore, this work was quickly done quickly, as it studies the reality of the islands and how to avoid their sinking.

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The islands that were opened

Although it took about thirteen years to start building the World Islands project, but due to some problems that the project was exposed to, only three islands have been completed so far, namely:

  • The Island of Lebanon: Perhaps this island is the first that was opened, and it belongs to one of the businessmen and his name is Wakeel Ahmed who holds the Indian nationality, and he bought it for an amount of thirty two dirhams UAE dirhams, and invested in it an amount of thirty eight dirhams until the completion of its complete construction, as it includes a club Complete, it contains several recreational facilities, and a restaurant.
  • Lovers’ Island: It is the second island that was opened in this project, and includes a resort in addition to several cafes and restaurants, and it is mentioned that there is a mosque that was built under the water.
  • Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Island: It is the island of Greenland, and it is the third island that has been completed, owned by Sheikh Mohammed, the owner of the idea of ​​this project.
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