The World Islands in Dubai

المسافرون العرب

The World Islands

It is a small artificial island that takes the form of the world map, and therefore these islands were called the World Islands, which are located on the coasts of Dubai, 4 kilometers from the coast of the United Arab Emirates, and these islands have been formed from the sand that is located on the coasts near the beach with a cliff to The required area of ​​shallow water and its formation, and Al Nakheel Real Estate Company has received this project to fully construct it and try to finish it in record time, and the idea of ​​this project was proposed by Dubai Ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The construction of these islands began in the year 2003 AD, and their number is close to 300 islands, but due to the occurrence of Dubai in a major financial crisis in 2008, construction of these islands stopped for a certain period. Despite the financial crisis, a large percentage of these islands were sold to the private sector and investors, and all was provided Services to the islands of the world in linking them to waterways, and leaving some lands for the establishment of public parks, and in 2010 many newspapers reported that the islands of the world in Dubai are among the failed projects, and that they began to sink under the sea water, but the company based on its establishment denied this, and this has been proven By creating the count Hand from the resorts on these islands, and tourists flocked to visit them like all countries.

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The world’s islands that have been opened

The island of Lebanon

It is the first island that was opened in the islands of the world, so its ownership belongs to the private sector of an Indian businessman of Arab origin named Wakil Ahmed, and he bought it for an amount of 32 million dirhams, and its construction cost him approximately 38 million dirhams, and when visiting it can enjoy many activities Various seascapes, swimming on the beach, eating delicious food in the open air, practicing many activities such as playing volleyball, table tennis, staying in one of the resorts on this island, and enjoying its recreational facilities.

Island of Lovers

This name has been named for the large number of young people visiting the honeymoon category. This island contains many restaurants and resorts that provide all services, in which swimming, fishing and enjoying the calm and romantic atmosphere can be found on the sounds of playing music, and visiting a mosque built under the water near This island.

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Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Island

He is the ruler of the Emirates, so he bought one of the islands, but then he died of a heart attack and was built by his sons, and they have created many luxurious and royal resorts, large hotels and entertainment places on the island that can be enjoyed.

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