The world’s greatest bridges

المسافرون العرب

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is the hero in many TV shows and movies in New York City, as it connects Manhattan Island with Brooklyn, and it has two entrances, one of which is located in downtown Brooklyn and the second is known as DUMBO, and was considered one of the longest suspension bridges in the world at the time Built in 1883, it is an option for many people who practice cycling through the designated lanes for that all the visitor must do is to wear comfortable shoes and take a group of snacks, and enjoy the stunning skyline of the city of Manhattan and take many photo.

The glass bridge

It is one of the longest glass bridges in the world and was opened in 2020 in China. In order to keep visitors entertained and entertained, this bridge swings slightly, and its length is 488 meters. In a record time of three years, it is also designed to accommodate the equivalent of 2000 people, but due to safety precautions on this bridge, only between 500-600 visitors are allowed to walk over it at the same time.

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Manhattan Bridge

It is one of the suspension bridges that opened in 1909, and this bridge is located just north of the Brooklyn Bridge as it appears to be parallel to it, and it allows cars, individuals, cyclists, and subways to cross through it.

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the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is based on the link between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, with a width of 1.61 kilometers while its length is 4.83 kilometers. This bridge has one leg on all sides of the Straits of Golden Gate, and it is worth noting that it is considered one of the most famous international symbols of San Francisco.

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