The world’s largest banana producer

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India is the largest banana producer

India is the largest country in the world producing bananas, with production reaching 27,575,000 tons, and China comes in second place, with production reaching 12,075,238 tons, and it is produced in five major provinces of the country, namely: Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan Island, Fujian , While the Philippines ranks third, with a production of bananas 8,645,749 tons.

Banana cultivation in India

Banana cultivation is one of the most popular crops in India, where it grows throughout the year, making it different from growing other fruits that grow in one season, and banana cultivation needs fertile soil, preferably volcanic, or alluvial soil at temperatures ranging from what Between 10-40 ° C and a high humidity, it is worth noting that the yield of his crop is greater when the temperature exceeds 24 ° C, and bananas are considered one of the most important fruit crops in the world, because they contain many nutrients, as it contains 22% of carbohydrates Most of them are sugar, in addition to dietary fiber, Potassium, manganese, and vitamin B6.

There are many Indian states that grow bananas on a large scale, as follows: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, Karnataka, West Bengal, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh, It is also worth noting that it is distinguished by the cultivation of many types of bananas, and these types include: Robusta bananas, Cavendish dwarf bananas, Poovan Indian bananas, and Nendran bananas.

The largest producer of bananas

There are many countries that are known to produce bananas, including the following:

  • Ecuador.
  • Brazil.
  • Indonesia.
  • Angola.
  • Guatemala.
  • United Republic of Tanzania.
  • Mexico.


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